Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Green in Me....

Hello Fashionistas,

Oh what a Sunday it has turned out to be, it was casual sunday today which is what they usually call it at church when its Youth Sunday, they mix up the service and have all these interesting things and dance performances.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In my magenta dreams

Hi Fashionistas,

I literally threw this outfut together.

Friday, October 28, 2011

This little Fall of Mine....

For the Last three years... I could not wait for fall, fall meant usually great scary movies 

must see!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Week's Thrift Round Up

Hello to all my new and old fashionable followers, I just want to say thank you for sharing this little blog of mine with me, its something I do as an outlet for myself and something I enjoy to showcase my love of vintage,fashion,and thrifting as well as self-awareness as a plus-size young woman in this straight sized world, and I never would have thought people would want to share this journey with me, it means a lot. Your comments inspire me and lift me up and I am grateful for you all to share your words with me as I share with you. As I near 100 post I am thankful for the rocky beginning and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sale:Torrid up to 85% off clearance

Just came across this super sale at Torrid (online only)and it ends tonight at 11:59pt (6hrs left) so if you have some extra money hope on over and pick up something, you know I love deals and the only thing better than deals are steals (getting something for almost nothing lol). I had to let my lovely followers know, you always have to pass a good sale on.

-Stay fashionable

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where 2 Wear:GYM

Where 2 Wear:GYM
Hello Fashionistas,

You all my not know this but I hit the gym every week, HARD! I work out between 5-6 times a week, its like an iron man workout to me lol, but its great I love it. I have been working out like this for almost 6 months and before that I would do cardio about 3 times a week,but now I pump that IRON (i love saying that).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fashion Event Bust

So my good friend was invited to a fashion event in Nashville, her co-worker was debuting her clothing line at a boutique with a fashion show and drinks....ya know the whole shabang. My friend invited me since she thought it would be great for the blog and I was super excited my 2nd Fashion event in town. I always see events here and there that I would like to attend but not usually alone, so this was gonna be fun, so I thought. There's always a friend had lost the info about the location so we ended up not being able to go, I was a bit sad but and on top of that my cousin who was also going to go ended up having a major crisis. I rushed to his house in ,my clothes that I was going to wear out to the event. Once his lil crisis was over I forced him to take pictures of my outfit, hey I had it on so might as well show it lol. After taking the pictures I notice this dress was a bit wrinkled, should have taken a steamer to it but oh well. It was a bit chilly but thank God for these big ole' legs I was warm haha. I would love some thigh high flat boots though, they just have to be able to get over these monster calves. I thought I would start including the prices of the pieces and total outfits, we'll see how it goes.

Dress-Kmart LYS-$2.99
Boots-super old
Belt-Old Navy-$1.99
Necklace-Target $2.47
Bracelet-The Avenue-$4.99
Ring-JCPENNY $7.99

Total: $21.42
-Stay fashionable

Friday, October 21, 2011

Magic in my eye

Fashionista's......Oh this outfit. Okay so I have not told you all my lovely followers, I sing,well I can sing.Not as often as I like but yes I do sing. I was asked to be in a special program at my church and serenade our pastor which is also my grandmother who was celebrating her 23rd Anniversary  so it was a no-brainer for me, I had picked three times a lady but I just could not get into learning the song. So i decided to choose a song I really like and I knew she would know, which was Betcha by golly wow a classic. Lets just say I brought her and a lot of folks listening to tears as I sang. I wasn't sure how I would sound it had been a while since I had snag in front on of people.For the performance I was told to be glam and dazzle it up so I think I did a pretty good job. I always have loved this sequin tunic but hardly get to wear it, but I def worked it that day oh yes. What do you think was I glamed out?

Blazer: Thrifted/Sequin Tunic:Ross (old)/Leggings: (Ross)/Shoes:(Ross)


I wish I had the recording to load it for you guys to see the performance but I have not got a hold of the person that has it yet D: Ill leave you with the video enjoy. Such a classic love song. I love getting a lil extra jazzy sometimes, don't you?

Stay Fashionable


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seventeen presents tyra banks's fiercely real model contest enter to win!

So Tyra is having the 2nd edition of her Fiercely Real Model Contest. I had this in my inbox for a while srry ladies I have been busy I will have to update you all in the next post. Ok back to the contest... this is straight from the website...

Seventeen is proud to present Tyra Banks's Fiercely Real Model Contest, celebrating beautiful girls at any size! Show us why YOU are fiercely real and deserve to win a modeling contract by submitting your photos and information below.
The winner will travel to New York City for a fashion photo shoot, may appear inSeventeen, receive a Wilhelmina modeling contract, and score a $1,000 check!

You will need to have 3 pictures recently taken within the last 30 days...
1 of you up close smiling
1 of you up close not smiling
1 full body

Also You will have to answer in 50 words or less why you are the perfect model for Fiercely Real. It does not have a size requirement. I gazed over them a bit but quickly.Please check this out ladies and if you are feeling up to it Enter Enter Enter. I know my followers have some amazing styles and are all gorgeous. Let me know if you are entering . I think I will be dropping my name in there too. Also Check out the first winner,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wild Barnabe

I wore this Saturday, I slept in, went to target and my neighborhood flea market and yes I scored., I will def be back almost all the booths had their clothing discounted a lot, and I also found a booth full of vintage jewelry for cheap. Now I am very curious and eager to go to more flea markets. It was an easy day and I came home and casually took pictures in my neighbors yard. I like their barn. Sometimes you just need an easy kick back Saturday. Once I went to the flea market and target I was in for the day and hung out with the little broski.

Shirt-thrifted/shorts-target/shoes-thrifted/glasses-Urban Outfitters/belt-thrifted
Yes scored a Texas Tie and other cool finds all for 5 bucks

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sale:Lane Bryant Fab Fashion Sale

I have been meaning to let you fatshionistas know about the sale at Lane Bryant. Lots oef stuff for fall is up to 40% off, including sweaters,boots,shoes,and outwear. This sale will end Sunday. They are also having an online additional 40% marked off already reduced clothes and bras, all you have to do is use code SAVE40LB at checkout. There's some cute super stuff in the Clearance section and with the additional 40% off you will save big and get more buy for your buck If you have some extra money head over to Lane Bryant.

Stay Fatshionable!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Asos Mid-Season Sale

The sale is still going at Lots of fall stuff half off and as always free shipping for any amount. I think I will be putting in an order myself.Let me know what you are getting,lots of great deals!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cobalt Wild

I went thrifting today, but there will not be a video =/. I have been busy this week which is why I have not got the 1st video uploaded from Monday's thrift haul but I will be working on this today. I went simple. I bought this lipstick today from Walgreens, funny thing is I was asking for a bit of help from the cosmetic department worker, she was clueless and said she knew nothing about makeup, excellent staff assignments Walgreens. Without her help I picked the right shade,according to her this was white woman red, (another strike for Walgreens).




I love my beauty mole :D



Red Blue and Wild!


You cannot really see it but the back of this shirt is made to be like tuxedo tails,cute.


Review:Chelsea Settles 1st episode

So even though I do not fully agree with this "Chubby Block" that MTV has come up with "I used to be fat" and "Chelsea Settles" and also the fact that I do not really like underdog reality stories (due in part that I think lots of editing takes place and actually takes the realness out of what we are watching) I opted to check out Chelsea Settles anyway. With the first episode we are introduced to Chelsea. I'm not sure if MTV is trying to give the appearance of this being authentic reality TV,but they choose to start off with a Q and A with Chelsea on a sofa. They occasionally refer back to this setting in-between the show. After Chelsea describes some of her struggles being over weight and how she separates herself socially because of her size,we also learn she is 23 and out of school.  There is lots of tears and crying  for Chelsea wondering how she let herself get to 325lbs. She feels that her size will hold her back in her career of Fashion and she decides to make a change and began a diet and workout regiment as well as contemplating moving to L.A. I do have to ad that Chelsea said she would most like to be like Kim Kardashian and she is basically her dream person to be like, she inspires her...(I wanted to turn the channel then).

I'm not sure what to think, on one hand she said she separated herslef from others, ashamed of her body, but she had a  boyfriend and he is cute and slim  in the Army. I was wondering how the hell did she manage to find a boyfriend (btw hes an ass,cheater and down talker her but thats love I guess) without talking to people besides her cousin. Anyway guess that's not addressed. I'm not sure how many people will actually physically get up and move as farthest away as possible from people's view just because they think people should not see them eat. In all honesty I think that is just weird,but people deal with weight issues differently. I do commend her for going through the weigh in process on national television. I think that was a hard reality. I'm not nearly as big as her and I would have a problem showing my stomach and weight on TV but then again if I was getting paid I would get over it lol. All of Chelsea's emotions are real, I do wish in addition to the diet and workout plan that they get her to see a psychologist, it will really help her to change her thoughts for the better. Just because you lose weight does not mean you immediately think positively about your body.

Overall, I may watch next week, I do think the show is very predictable, and I'm not sure it will actually hold my attention to watch the entire season. I am still on the fence about this new MTV show. My mind has not settled on  "Chelsea Settles", yes I had to do it lol.  Glad MTV at least acknowledged and let a curvy girl be the center of a show, now their motives (ratings) yeah idk.You be the judge. Did you watch Chelsea settles,let me know what you thought about the first episode or the show period?

These are solely my opinions.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hot Plus size Designer:Msaari

I was checking out Octobers issues of Skorch Magazine, which is an online magazine catered to trendy plus size fashion,sizes 12-28. Its a great magazine, while looking through the pages I came across Love Voundi there was a pictorial of her new plus size line of clothing and I so fell in love and headed quickly to Google to research. I found her website and loved what I read, you will need to translate it to English its in her native language, but what she is coming up with seems to be all that I have been seeking for plus size fashion. Her clothing is culturally inspired, great bold colors and ethnic prints. Love Voundi also has a goal to provide an eco-friendly line, using raw materials from Africa and around the world, she has even partnered with UNICEF.<-Looove this aspect of her line.

Her new line is out and available for purchase.The sizes of the pieces range from 6-24. I saw many pieces I would love to have in my closet. (I can always dream). The Masaari Line was showcased at Full Figure Fashion Week. I would have loved to seen it, I have plans to go next year (fingers crossed). She has a leather bustier that I would love to get, so cute and edgy. Love these pieces, check out her website and line Masaari. I may not be able to afford this line (a girl can dream), but I will always support plus size designers affordable, couture,or whatever and this line is Hot!

-Stay Fatshionable

Beauty Coupon:Loreal Paris $2 off studio secrets perfecting base

Hey Fatshionista's, is it time for you to get some new make up? It was for sure time for me, I don't really wear a lot of make up and I was checking out some new products to try. I haven't purchased some in a while,I thought today would be a good day to get some. Before I headed to the store I checked the local stores to see if any make up brands/products were on sale and Walmart at least in my area has their Loreal Paris Products on sale and whats even better if you go the Loreal Paris website and register they have a few coupons. I got 2 of the $2.00 off Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base. I have heard great reviews about this product and wanted to try it out. It was $9.97 at Walmart with an extra $2.00 bucks off for a total of  $7.97, I LOVE IT! Check your local store circulars to see whats on sale before you go shopping for new health and beauty products, sometimes there are even coupons you can get from the paper,in your mail,and online (I am an avid coupon er for everything grocery and more). Even if you aren't broke, who doesn't love saving money? Shop Smart Ladies!

courtesy google images

Here are some sites to help you check local circulars
Yahoo Circular Central
Shop Local

Sites to find coupons
Visit the brand site they may off specials and coupons

-stay fatshionable!

Get em Cheap- clearance @ Aldo shoes

New Segment....for the broke fatshionista Get em Cheap!. I went and looked at the clearance section at Aldo Shoes and I found some shoes that I would love to add to my closet. I'm a shoe and handbag kind of girl. Whats better than a sale.... CLEARANCE mark downs of course! Check out aldo shoes for many more shoes on clearance. I will be checking out your favorite stores and ones you may not know about and posting my top picks that are on sale or clearance. Always under $50 or less and always CHEAP! If your feeling some of the shoe picks this week tell me your favorite.

Whats on sale @ Aldo shoes

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Full Body Photo Project are you in?

Have you heard about the full body project? Its been launched nationwide and spreading like wild fire. The full body photo project has partnered with our favorite curvy girl stores to offer winners $2500 in prizes, in addition to prizes you will get instant gratification from seeing your full wonderful body on facebook. I know a few months ago I hated all pictures any...ANY and all especially full body. I would hide from cameras and hold up my hands becuase I hated they way I looked, but I have learned to embrace this curvy body and I love it. I posted a picture on Facebook to celebrate and joined the movement. I do not get on facebook much and haven't updated my picture in a while so I took that chance to upload some other full body pictures of myself for my photo album.

 This is an amazing movement of positive energy for the curvy girl. We have got to embrace our bodies and let those who like to say hurtful things see our confidence and know we do not give a damn what they think. This is the attitude I have and try to keep everyday I face my closet. The rules that straight society made for plus size of what to wear make you look slimming and what makes you look fatter.... i could care less about, don't feed into that. Wear what you love and want. I am so happy Jessica Kane of Life and Style of Jessica, came up with this project for women of all sizes.

"The modern day woman has so much pressure to be perfect in every way, as a mom, a wife, a woman in general. I feel it's crucial to gather as women and embrace who and what we are. Stop the pressure and just love yourself!" said Jessica Kane, founder of the Full Body Photo Project. 

Continue reading on Full Body Photo Project.
If you have not submitted your picture and like this page, there is still time embrace the curves and show us what ya working with girl!!! This promotion runs from Octover 3,2011 until October 14, 2011. 25 will could be you. Enter here .


Thrifting Haul Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a national holiday and usually the weekend and day of is filled with all kind of sales at the mall and department stores,but today is my regular 99 cent day at Music City Thrift in Nashville. I was excited like I am always for every 99 cent day, I have most stores I go to memorized or have their monthly discount calenders. Today was a great day for finds, I walked away the winner and actually found more things for myself rather than my sister. I have been on an agenda to find more blouses and shirts and yes.... that's what I got. Lots of bold solid colors great for color blocking. I did another video to show you guys i  have not started editing it yet so ill post it as soon as its finished. I was super comfy in these shorts that I have been wanting to wear and it was hot enough today....(transition weather can suck), anyway. I have updated my blog with new thrifting tips so if you want to break into thrifting check them out on the link bar at the top of the blog.

What did you do for your Columbus day... thrifting,shopping,good sales,let me know?



everything thrifted <3





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