Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Week/FSNO Bust

So I was pumped to get out on the town yesterday for Fashion Night Out, but once looking at the places have a few things in Nashville, I was disappointed. No plus size stores were participating or even having anything,which made me envy the festivities that were taking place in NYC and LA and other huge major cities. I had planned to go to betsey johnson but then I decided not to. I don't know I really wish that Nashville had some of those fashion blogging groups that I see in other cities. Places to meet other local bloggers would be fun and nice. I prob would have went,but I guess I didn't see the point of going to all these straight size stores where I can wear anything, maybe next year I will go out in Nashville for FNO but I hope many more stores will participate or at least one plus size store geez.

             2 things on my list for Nashville

  • More plus size fashions/stores/boutiques
  • Local Blogger Meetups

Maybe I am unaware of the second one but I know for sure there is not enough brick and mortar plus size stores here. We want to try on the clothes see how the fabric feels on our bodies,how it looks ya know. Not buy it online,wait for shipping,and try it on at home then go the the process of mailing it back if we do not like it. That's ok sometimes, but just Lane Bryant and the Avenue are cutting it. For now i'll be happy with a Faith 21 being added to the new much bigger forever 21 *fingers crossed*

I'm done ranting, FNO was a bust for me. On a good note have you been watching LIVE FROM THE RUNWAY for fashion week....please say you have, whose collection have you liked so far let me know.  Nicholas K is kind of a favorite for me right now BCBG i liked too their sheer maxis had amazing details (all the bright colors was my fav)... Watch the Shows LIVE or on youtube Live from the Runway

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