Friday, September 30, 2011


Opened last Friday, it was exciting packed and crazy. I wanted to be styling and comfy, how'd i do? Got to try on some litas inrl yaaay, they are sold out but do believe I will have some in due time. They are also very comfy and kind of run big. The nordstrom store is fantasic and i really felt like a kid in a candy store,but adult candy store filled with shiny Chanel and Gucci,Marc Jacobs,and more lol.

The plus size section is filled with nice styling from Michael Kors and some other designers I didnt pay attention too(oops) and i know for sure i want a faux vest and some shimmering shirts for the fall. If I had a great career job I would be buy a designer piece or too, but you know how I am...staying in the thrift stores,but I know how to splurge a lil bit. I for sure know anyone who loves me and these dimples needs to sponser me for some litas, a girl needs these in my life. Thank goodness nordstrom is near and I can just go try them on and wish for them to be mine. I was told by a sales associate that the litas were not in my size for the black and are so hot they are pratically sold out across the country, D: Anyway check out Nordstrom Nashvillians its fun to go to with girl friends and pretend you have loads of money and try on designer clothes yaay.






Color Swirls

Color swirls perfect for shopping, and it was a bit hot so i ditched the jacket lol.

denim jacket-old/skirt-thrifted/shirt-target boyfriend tee/shoes-thrifted/belt thrifted




Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoplight:K-Mart LYS

Hello Lovely Readers, I went to Kmart a few days ago on a whim ... and I was so surprised at how fashionable their clothes had become( i might be late on this but ok). Their junior and jr plus were very stylish and the pricing was very affordable. The fall pieces are out and very  stylish,modern,and trendy. I had not been to Kmart in years and recently heard a bit of buzz about their clothing but never had the time to check it out. In the straight size section their new partnership with Sofia Vergara has added some sexy trendy clothes that go up to size 18 available. I had the pleasure of coming there at the perfect time. They are having a summer end clearance sale and all pieces are 3.99. Can you say happy, you all know I am a thrifty shopper and I usually stay in the thrift stores,but I couldn't pass 3.99 per piece up. I filled my basket up with things to try on.All the pieces I tried on were from the LYS (Love your style) line.
Some Fall LYS Clothing

I did not want to get to excited yet.You know like going to a new store and finding they have clothing in your size only to find the clothes run small or nothing fits you right and you walk out disappointed. I was surprised everything runs true to size and on somethings it was a bit big.I totally was upset that I loved everything on and then had to play the deciding game.

These summer pieces I picked up will still be able to be rocked seamlessly this fall. Bright neon colored tunic tanks,fushia satin skirts,cobalt blue rompers,army green shorts and tunics. Another great feature of this fashion forward items now being in Kmart is Lay-away for all the budding divas and fashionistas short on change. You can put these items up pay it down a little at a time within a period of time and you can be styling too. Its great to read about it but you have to see this stuff in the store. You cannot go wrong with good quality,great fitting,and stylish plus size clothing that is very affordable. You can also buy online here. K-mart Fashion.

satin vibrant plus skirt

vibrant plum tank dress
satin army green wide waist band shorts

These were some of the items I purchased very cute and chic. GO K-MART. I hope to keep you all updated on their clothes in the future, I was so impressed.

-Keep Smiling!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Northern Folk Love

£95 -

Dorothy Perkins fur gilet
£40 -

£22 -

Stella mccartney
$45 -

Call it spring shoes
$100 -

Call it SPRING teal bag
$30 -

Chanel coin jewelry

Dorothy Perkins coin jewelry
£13 -

Paisley scarve
£7 -

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trending this Fall '11:Colored Denim

Colored Denim has been in spring and def this summer. If you were able to snag a pair of colored denim then be happy the trend is still in for the Fall. Pair those popping jeans with a neutral colored shirt and you will be ready to hit the town with your girls. I love the trend and just got me some bright red jeans. It was hard to find but a few of your favorite retailers are in on the continuing trend and i loved it. I hope a few more stores will get in on this trend. Are you going to be in on the colored denim this fall, let me know?

1. Mustard ASOS Colored Skinnys 64.00
2.f21 Colored Skinny Jeans $24.80
3.ASOS  Cobalt Skinny Jean 64.03
4..ASOS Purple Skinny Jean $64.03
5.F21 Colored Skinny Jeans $24.80

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Denim Days

Ok so I had a tooth pulled, grrr but it was causing me so much pain, so it had to go. I went with a simple look for the dentist and after I had to cheer on my brother at his football game. I was in a bit of pain but managed to pose for pics with my cousin and sister when we went out to eat (I was starving) all i could eat was soup or mushy stuff. I wanted to wear my boots but I didn't have time to change, it actually got cool that night, I got sick after too lol.

shirt-old/skinny jeans-ross/shoes-target/accessories-simply fashion/bag-thrfited/belt-thrifted




My sister and I, shes on the eccentric swag as she says. I have a built in thrifting buddy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Golden Interview

Wore this to an interview. I was pretty excited i've been wanting to find a job and this will totally help with my black Friday shopping dive, i cannot wait. Last year camping out with my friends was so fun. Anyway I got the job yaaay. I wanted to pair a simple dress with a blazer, that always looks kind of chic and I think it was appropriate for this type of job. I will be working the seasonal Christmas event ICE at the Nashville Opryland Hotel. Its going to be lots of fun. Ill be helping take guest through the ice exhibit, its below -9 degrees inside, can't wait, and my cousin will be working there too,so it will be going down, kidding.

Everything thrifted from head to toe!







Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Color Pop

2nd color blocking attempt. Success! All thrifted but shoes,bag,and necklace. I was feeling fun and colorful, but the sun was beaming down on my precious eyes lol, hence the facial expression. I love bright colors and I love color blocking. I have been trying to score some cobalt blue shoes, I really need some shoes that color or a deep purple in my life, as it becomes fall I want to continue on this trend in deeper but still bright colors, have you tried color blocking this summer?

I would love to find some older betsy johnson bags i love her and her spring runway show this week was fab, more from that later got a dentist appt grrr.



shades on, swagged lol




Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All that Jazz

Love this cardigan, I picked it up at the 1st Saturday yard sales at the senior rec center. They have some awesome cheap vintage finds. I picked up this cardigan, some levi vintage button ups,old cute purses and something for my sis (i always find something for my sis). Yard sales are my new thrift stores. I will be including them on my days im not thrifting. I have some pics that I will be posting. I had to go to Mississippi as the driver for my grandma and great aunt. We tried our luck at the casino the night before the funeral and we had very little luck but lots of fun. Im pretty tired but the pics will be up soon.

cardigan- yard sale /tee-old/pants-thrifted /shoes-target /necklace-target/purse-thrifted 





Flores Felices

Night of mexican and margaritas and no spillage on my outfit.bliss lol. Stopped by simply fashion for an accessories sale. Half of their earrings were 1 buck. I got like 8 pair. They always seem to have cute and unique bright earrings. While I was there this skirt caught my eye and it was on clearance for 2 bucks. I could not pass it up and I paired with this shirt I got from f21 last year and had not wore. I just could not find the right bottom to pair it with until now. Weather was perfect for the outfit. I had fun time.

shirt-f21/skirt-simply fashion/shoes-thrifted/bag-thrifted/earrings-simply fashion



 My cousin and sister thought they would pose for some model pics after they took my pictures lol. We had a fun night.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Week/FSNO Bust

So I was pumped to get out on the town yesterday for Fashion Night Out, but once looking at the places have a few things in Nashville, I was disappointed. No plus size stores were participating or even having anything,which made me envy the festivities that were taking place in NYC and LA and other huge major cities. I had planned to go to betsey johnson but then I decided not to. I don't know I really wish that Nashville had some of those fashion blogging groups that I see in other cities. Places to meet other local bloggers would be fun and nice. I prob would have went,but I guess I didn't see the point of going to all these straight size stores where I can wear anything, maybe next year I will go out in Nashville for FNO but I hope many more stores will participate or at least one plus size store geez.

             2 things on my list for Nashville

  • More plus size fashions/stores/boutiques
  • Local Blogger Meetups

Maybe I am unaware of the second one but I know for sure there is not enough brick and mortar plus size stores here. We want to try on the clothes see how the fabric feels on our bodies,how it looks ya know. Not buy it online,wait for shipping,and try it on at home then go the the process of mailing it back if we do not like it. That's ok sometimes, but just Lane Bryant and the Avenue are cutting it. For now i'll be happy with a Faith 21 being added to the new much bigger forever 21 *fingers crossed*

I'm done ranting, FNO was a bust for me. On a good note have you been watching LIVE FROM THE RUNWAY for fashion week....please say you have, whose collection have you liked so far let me know.  Nicholas K is kind of a favorite for me right now BCBG i liked too their sheer maxis had amazing details (all the bright colors was my fav)... Watch the Shows LIVE or on youtube Live from the Runway

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color Blocking Girl

Blazer-thrifted/skirt-thrifted/shirt-target tunic tee/sandals-old/wool hat thrifted
My 1st attempt at color blocking and now i have been thrifting for more solid pieces to try it again. Of all the trends for this summer color blocking was a fav of mine, yet this was my first time doing it. I finally had a good color combination...I think. Also I finally found some red lipstick I love on me, and I sure have been going crazy with it lol. Have you tried any of the trends this summer, color blocking,monochrome,chambray,etc let me know?Who has the best red lipstick, Im totally hooked and want to try other brands. Also I am finally updating my tumblr on a more regular basis, so if you have tumblr do follow me, i tend to upload my pictures faster to their then I upload them to the blog.  -dimples




Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Hey!

So hope your labor day was a stress/work free one. My sister came up with a great idea of visiting some of the thrift stores we haven't been to in our city, so i organized a thrift crawl for us on labor day and i borught the camera with us. It was fun we had 10 stores on the list but only went to 6 the others were closed. Almost all of the stores had 50% off everything sales. We started at 9am and were done around 3:30. I set a budget of 30.00 and came out at 27.00 with lots of stuff and my sisters budget was 40 she went two dollard over but got lots of goodies too.

Just a few tips when you go thrifting

  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes and something that you can try on clothes over if you have to,dressing rooms may not be available or full.
  • Do not be in a rush, I check every section of clothes including the mens section, sometimes things are displaced and you may find you size in the smalls or something cute in the men's section or anything like that. Leave no stone unturned lol
Enjoy the vids.

srry for the moving camera and wacky orientation i was filming with my actual photo camera and im always doing alot of moving but i dont mean it lol

Sunday, September 4, 2011

DIY:Get rid of the Pesky Mothball smell

I thought I would write a lil tutorial on how to get rid of the dreaded moth ball smell out of used clothes. I had the pleasure this weekend of stopping by a yard sale with lots of vintage clothes and bags and unfortunately a few were mothy smelling. I took to the internet and did a little research and found how hard it is to get this smell off your clothes but not impossible.

these bags were a bit smelly
1st option: The Sun..... if you put your clothes outside for as long as you can, we are talking  days possibly the odor will naturally come off, its something to do with the ozone/sun/heat combination but this process is slow and if your in a hurry like I was (well not really but kind of lol) option 2 is better

2nd option:  Take your clothing or items to steam to a well ventilated area or outdoors (i did it outdoors for safety reasons, the gas that is expelled off the clothing can be harmful). Steam your items. A good steaming over every inch inside and outside, everything. I did 2-3 good steamings over each piece and can you believe it the smell was gone. (you can also put it in the dryer on air dry which allows the gasses to expel as well) I only used this method. (I steamed the inside lining of the bags too and i went over the outside and it worked on them so if you have bags try it.)

Final Step: If your clothes now have a basement smell if they are washable throw them in the washer with 2 teaspoons of baking soda and they should be refreshed.

If they aren't washable you could hand soak it in a bucket or sink with the baking soda and let it air dry.

The key to getting the odor off is heat and what actually is making your clothes smell is the gas the mouthballs emit that we cannot actually see on the clothes.
I steamed the clothes and it worked great, got some great stuff for about 10 dollars all vintage

hope it helps you

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