Friday, April 11, 2014

To the faithful....

Hello Fashionista's,

Anyone that has had kids knows how much free time you have to your self...very little...but in that spare time I have been contemplating a lot about Broke Fatshion ,this blog. Have I outgrown it...where is the time to post,prob lost all my followers ,but then I was reminded of my goals for this blog. I want this blog to always genuinely be a reflection of myself. I do not create this blog to try and get "NET" fashion or make money. I created this blog because I was coming out of dark place honestly. It took me nearly a year and a half to start the process of coming to terms with my mothers passing and I felt that I needed something to help keep me stable. I was growing into myself or at least trying and want to showcase.

Going back to those first couple of post...omg what was i thinking anyway who I was then and who I am now are still similar,but I do have different interest and now have a tiny little family of my own. I want to showcase these things and grow this blog and hopefully my faith followers will grow and stay with me.

I love my style and wearing what I like and Ia love cooking and spending time with that tiny family of mine that I mentioned. So I decided the blog is gonna get that makeover complete!!!

Lastly there will be a name change to signify the direction of the blog.
Brokefatshion will be known Officially


I have a secret (not really a secret) I would like to share to you my faithful readers, I have been known on the web as Leah...(its also a nickname for me in real life too) well my official name is actually Angelea (pronounced An-ja-lea). When I was younger I hated my name as people then and still do always get it wrong,but I grew to love its uniqueness and think its the breath of fresh air I need to keep going with this blog.

All the official changes should be completed by the end of the month (fingers crossed). Including the start of new post: style,food,and family stuff. I still love brokefatshion and always will.

More to come

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