Friday, April 29, 2011


So I have been super busy the last few days but I have a few pics ready to post and some other new things for the blog. I know my followers are few but I know that this blog has helped me overcome some major issues and I hope it is and will help my followers too. More to come and very soon!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pluscussion: Curvy = Healthy

I have struggled with this thought. AS more plus size and curvy women and retailers promote being who you are and excepting you size and embracing. I stay on the fence with this. On one hand... Until recently I was in a slump Ill say. Its been that way since my mother passed away. Before that time I was in college vibrant putting alot into my outfit everyday and when I went out,and my health. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I was able to maintain a size i thought was accpetable and that would still allow me to be able to shop practically anywhere that went up to an 18. After my mom passed the pounds added up I gained back what I had lost and more as usual you cant just gain what you lost, (ty fairy weight mother). A few months ago I was inspried again to become that virbant person I was who loved looking nice,making my own style, and etc. Inspired by other curvy blogs. Realizing that only 2 years ago I was look fab all the time always answering questions where I got this and that from. It pulled me out of a slump. I did not realize letting myself completely go fashion wise was becuase I was not happy with my life at that time, not happy I had to lose my mom, not happy I had gained this weight being depressed for months, not happy that I would have to actually go back to the gym, not happy that I had to actually give a damn about my life to change...not happy with alot. It hit me to be in a better place I had to put in an effort. Not changing is so comfortable, doing what we have always done is so easy and simple. You know it like the back of your hand. In Jan like the rest of Americans I would hit the gym and I did inching there ya know. Changing my eating habits. Read a few books did alot of research then I just decided a diet was out it was time to just change the way I was eating for life. Don't get me wrong the weight is slowly and I mean slowly coming off. It took me to March to really get on track but I feel so much better way better about all the things that made me unhappy. I have even accepted myself at this size. Seeing I can look great and fabulous like before, but at the same time I still want to lose the excess weight and get healthy. Skinny is not what I am looking for Healthy is the goal.

I'm happy right now but this is not it for me. Im going to be moving forward and losing. I think society should say yes be happy with whatever size you are but be healthy. That is the key its not about looking like that runway model who is 98lbs who is prob healthy at all im sure. The media focuses on size and not really the important thing which is health. You can be 600lbs and not live as long as you could have if you were 300lbs and healthy, and the same works for 98lbs and unhealthy instead of 135lbs and healthy.

So lets stay curvy but keep our health a priority. Adding just a little exercise is all it takes. I know that it is hard to pull out of the slump,but I cannot believe that I did it myself. Losing my mother she was my best friend, and at the age of 38 is heart breaking for anyone but it felt like....I cant even explain the emotions. I did not know what to do but live and think about my siblings, but I had to think about myself at some point. I didn't want them to lose me at 38 like we had lost my mom. You can use your situation whether its worse than this or whatever and help it to pull you up and out of the slump. Even if its an inch a day it helps and one day you will be finally out of it, and thats when you really start living.

Shoplight:Asos Curve

My dress finally came today and I must say it fits perfect and its so dreamy. I cannot wait to wear it out. I am for sure ordering more things fro asos curve. This was my try it out order and they ship fast and the item has great sizing. That is always a gamble for me when ordering, becuase sometimes you have to go up and/or down a size when trying on clothes at a store so online shopping can be annoying in that sense the whole returning it if it doesnt fit or look right on you, but this order was a win. I will be checking out the site again soon once I save up a lil money hehehe.

Pics to come of the dress

Thrifty Finds: 99 cent day @ Goodwill

I had a whole cart of clothing before the dressing rm and soon after trying everything on I was done to just a few pieces....of course its always like that. I found some cute stuff thought for 99 cent and two dresses for 7.99 that I couldn't leave there. I took pics of what i wore but im too lAZY and sleepy right now to load them on the computer. These are dressing rm pics of what i bought. The shoes were a size too big but they fit fine because they are kind of narrow, they are super comfy and I got them for 3.99 a few days ago I wore them to the thrift store today....ok im sleepy later

Sunday, April 17, 2011


 I was being a silly but i went shopping in this outfit and ran errands and I liked it alot it was comfy cute casual.
shirt: f21
crochet vest: thrifted

Friday, April 15, 2011

I need these in my life NOW

I need...I want....I got to have....NOOOOW

Block 1: Store Hopping....casual comfy outfit
I love looks like this simple and comfy. We all have our comfort clothing. The zebra skirt is knit material,very stretchy and easily able to thrown on you can make it high waisted or not because its so stretchy. The shiny glam leggins are so in and fab, and of course you cannot go wrong with flats.

Hot Topic-Crop Paramore Shirt
Wet Seal-Shiny Leggings
Wet Seal-Zebra Knit Skirt
F21Scrunch Flats With Bow...Bangles

Block 2: Downtown Pinup...perfect for a night out on the town with your boo. I like this dress very retro and cute the belt  in my opinion completes the look. I chose two different heel heights both of those complement the dress style, both are wins its just preference.

city chic online-Spotty Polly Dress
forever21-Bangles Belt
forever21-Cone Hells
forever21-laura spotted pumps

Block 3:  Girls Night/Movie Date... this is a great in-between outfit you could hang with your friends in the day and head straight to the movies or dance floor at night and still look great. I will be ordering the tye die shirt from f21 I fell in love with it. The fringes and it seems to be baggy. Out of all the looks this would be the first one I would buy for sure I needed this one like yesterday lol.

forever21-Distressed Pants
forever21-knotted espadrille wedges
Tie-Dye Fringe Top

Block 4: Lets go get coffee...This is an outfit I could myself just throwing on and it happens to look great. You know there are tho times someone calls at the last min for lunch and you just throw on something and look in the mirror like this is fab and catalog it for another time . I like the boot option but it would totally work with sandals.The shades are fresh and cheap. luv it!

asos-vintage floral playsuit
forever21-floppy hat
forever21-ankle boots

This outfits are all very affordable and super cute, im all for fashion but always on a budget.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shoplight:ASOS...again i know

My sister never told me she got her homecoming dress from Asos, so I did some investigation on their website and I really am in love with their clothes and prices. I seriously cannot wait until my dress gets her, you seriously cannot beat free standard shipping International or even in the states and without a minimum  is even better.

Check out the dress and the pic I did before she left to go to the dance.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Order: Asos

Put in my first order hope the dress fits well i think it is super cute. The black one was on sale for $39.
These are other things I went back and forth on ordering but i chose not to. I am really picky about trying on pants before I buy them

                                                                 I liked this color too wish it was on sale
Excited ill def have to wear this one out with friends.

Monday, April 11, 2011



I wanted to make sure i blogged this. I have never purchased anything from them but I am going to use this sale as a chance to put in my first order. I have heard good reviews about their clothings and I really dig them myself so we will see......up up and away to ASOS site.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review:Broadway Nail Dress Wraps

Ok i fell in love with minx and no one does it here in nashville that I know of and i refuse to pay 40.00 for it if they did. I love doing things to my nails usually i would rock metallics or neon colors. I fell in love with the crazy patterns that would take forever to try to replicate if you did it buy hand,that you can get from minx. At Walgreens I found what I thought was an alternative and just 5.49.

They are Broadway Nail dress stick on wraps. They come with a file. You pick the sizes that fit your nails ,each one, then file off the excess, pretty simple. Theres a tip on the back that says to apply a topcoat for longer wear. I invest in my nail polishes and use sally hansen complete care top coat its very strong and last a long time. Once I got each one on my nails and filed off i applied the top coat, this is a trick my mom taught me.... when you apply the top coat go down the nail then polish right across the top of the nail. I read a few reviews stating they started peeling within the same day or the next day. The top coat is the trick. I also filed a few right at the edge of my nail to ensure no snags. It might not look as good but it worked for me.

Well I will tell you I think my little trick works because those babys lasted for 2 1/2 wks then they finally started to look old and I pulled them off myself. I take my time when applying and do not rush the process even though it is suppose to be quick. I am going to try them on my toes I love them and have worn them about 4 times so far. Use the top coat tip and they will last at least a week. I did my usual stuff and they were fine that top coat is really what protected them .

5.49 is worth it in my opinion i luved them and they have lots of designs that are super cute to rock.

Look for them in  Walgreens, not sure if they are anywhere else. I have yet to find them in Walmart.

LOTD: Thrift crazy w/my lil sister

So my sister after finding out my skirt today was from a thirft store begged to go to one, soooo i caved in. We went to music city thrift,down the street from our home. I luv this place sometimes they have some hidden tresures. I told her to open her mind and let me pull out some stuff for her. Well turns out she loved what  i picked out and even picked out some cute stuff too. These overalls 3.98 with 30% off white tags today everything we got was either 50% off or 30%. The short crop shirt under was 50 cents and cute and bound to keep her cool. I found this purple 80s belt and it fit perfectly with these overalls.
 You cant tell it really but these overalls are kind of white wash and have a almost tye dye look on half of it really nice mistake or finish lool. Top it off with chucks and junk earrings she was comfy and cute and ready for school.

I was able to snag these two items one 50% off and the other 30% cant wait to use them both

me about to load up these pics onto the tired

LOTD: i FEEL goood but it sure is HOT

So i didnt want to pull out my baby canon t1i dslr to take these pics but i see i will now once u get used to that clarity nothing is  the same. My brother did the honors. The purple skirt is jersey knit stretchy but not to stretchy and so comfy and was a thrift find.

It was 85 degrees today very hot ...



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shoplight: JcPenny's

So until my mother passed away Dec 2009, I was never really a department store shopper. I felt dept stores did not know what kind of clothing young fat women like myself liked. All their clothing was overpriced and ugly and hey im not lying but it mainly was until recently. I started shopping at JcPennys they are in my opinion a lower end dept store,cheaper than macys,dillards, and better stuff than sears (i loath sears but anyway). I would go and buy clothes for my siblings for school and stuff, finally one day i went over to the plus size section. Its not huge, but its a decent size these days you will be lucky to get a  corner plus size section in a brick and mortar store if they even have it. They have a line called a.n.a and the stuff is for like young professionals but still kind of trend and i like it. Those clothes worked great for me when I had an office job and penny's runs so many sales that usually when you go the stuff will be some type of percent off, so def check it out. I have picked up some tunic button downs that i love and wore to the mall today and some nice denim capris and today ohhhh yes....TODAY I scored this fab peep toe lace up sling back wedges.... seem to be reminiscent of something Jeffrey Campbell could make with a higher wedge perhaps, im sure they are from a high price designer shoe not sure which one though anyway got the shoes for...................34.00 reg 60.00. I have been looking at these since I got this wks circular for the store and when I saw they were going to be on sale this wkend I could not wait.

Check them out and a bad pic my lil brother took of me on my way to scoop these hunnies up lol
super cute and yes my snapple that was so yummy

ok look rather bland but im headed to the mall never wore this shirt i luv the length got it from pennys and threw on some leggins

Friday, April 8, 2011



Totally came upon this site randomly doing a google search and I must say this place is COOL like the other side of the seriously, another place to find gently used clothing,shoes,and more.
This was listed at the top of the site.

Smashion® \'sma-shən\ noun. A social fashion site that features a free marketplace connecting people with a passion for fashion. Express your style, connect with others, and have fun buying and selling without paying a fee! 

They have a plus size section which is cool. Its a mix of etsy and ebay kind of.... not auction style though lol. New stuff gets put on everyday so it can be hit or miss ya know but i found some cuteness def give it ago if you have not heard of it. Its gently used clothing that people are selling. Their pics may not be all that great but u get that in etsy and ebay. I'm not sure how long they have been online but I am sure they will be growing and even if you do not see anything on the plus size section or regular section you like. If you have clothe sin good condition try listing some. They also have designer clothes for awesome prices. Im loving this place more and more.

I will say this when you look in the category at least I haven't seen yet how to choose your size so you have to look through everything which is a negative for some people but I'm willing to look like I do when thrifting
Overall a cool concept that I am diggin....
I'll be looking into smashion more be on the look out. Ive been thinking about selling some of my clothes and this might be a great place to do it
Just a test to see if mobile blogging is set up right <3

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Right on Target

Ive been in a shopping mode recently and its prob because I finally got some initiative to get back to my fashionable self. I have vowed to not spend another dollar on clothing to I lost the weight I had gained. I have ultimately come to terms and want to look beautiful and feel that way when I walk out rather than feeling like im hiding behind sweats or something, plus I only had a few options when my friend wanted to go out.

Anyway I hit up Target' lol today.

I have been hitting up the thrifts stores, I was looking for a crisp white shirt to get and when I'm at target or anyway I always hit up clearance 1st because um...yeah I like a deal who doesn't.( Side Note: Spring time is the perfect time to get stuff for winter I have been doing this for years usually last seasons stuff will be on sale and its ok to get those things it will be winter again lol.) They had some sweet leather like jackets they had reduced from 40.00 to 19.99. I tried one on and liked it, it would be great for now since it gets back cool at night, but opted not to get it yet. I know target by the wkend it could be a little bit cheaper. I know what you are thinking 20.00 is good but I'm on a buuuuudget lool I get what i came for and if its so awesome my mind will explode without it then I get it.

Anyway found xxl white shirt that was super soft and thick and in the tiny plus size section they had these boyfriend tees I got a 2 in that and tired them both on. I took pics to show ya the difference of the xxl and the 2 which is like a 2x made for plus size.

As you see in the picture the xxl is shorter and stops right at the belly which i hate. I like longer tees the #2 is from the plus size line. I just wanted to show the difference sometimes the reg womens clothing that goes to xxl can work for you and sometimes it cant but it never hurts to try it. I of course went with #2 lol. I threw in myself for brownie points hahaha.

The shirt was $10 which in my book is a good deal for a crisp long white good quality shirt.
Picked up these shoes i luv em what to do u think  
I also picked up some booties I could not live without. I love solid heels that have very stable bottoms i feel alot better walking in them when the bottoms are sturdy and almost wood like i know picky picky and maybe even weird but um yeah thats another post. Those peep toe booties are a good price and a very sturdy shoe.
Peep Toe Booties @ Target


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shoplight:Goodwill & Forever21

So i finally put in a order for Forever 21 and it came a few days later. I was scared about the sizing I read that it was a bit on the smaller side but what I ordered fit perfectly fine and I am already wanting to put in a second order, but I have to slow down considering I have a tiny pt job for now. I long for the day when I can buy from asos and city chic and such but for now Forever 21 will work. I also went to Goodwill today, my goal is to hitup all the thrift stores around town. Its my new obsession and I so love it. I hand a basket full of stuff but after trying on everything i ended up with a jersey knit skirt which i am envisioning wearing with a crisp white shirt and a knit cardigan I picked up on-sale from target, so we will see. Is it just me when they have a color tag on sale for the day you always find clothes that are in all the other different colors it kills me lool anyway will be posting up a pick of the skirt.

I know the trends are crop top maix dresses and skirts and such but i will be doing me. I am in luv with the maxi skirts and dresses so def will be adding another to my closet and more leggings and oversized stuffies cant get enough of comfort clothing lol

Getting Thrifty

So I been searching thru many of blogs and i had been wanting to rock the blazer look for a while but not a big fan of the over shoulder shoulder pads lol. Went to the thrift store today after checking out an awesome video which i will link back to next post that gave me awesome tips. I lucked out and picked up 2 yellow tag items which ended up being just 99 cents how awesome. Im gonna put all of these in the 1.50 dry cleaners and start building my LA wardrobe for the TN girl lool. Right now im curvy and im sick of not being able to find stuff to wear so my journey begins im teaching myself fashion and style size doesn't MATTER!!! Def going in photoshop to design a nice banner and logo for Dimples n Smiles XD

Yea i know the pic is terrible but its 12:57 am and im sleepy and there was no where to rlly hang it but do believe they are super cute and wont smelly like cigarettes after the cleaners lol

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