Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Green in Me....

Hello Fashionistas,

Oh what a Sunday it has turned out to be, it was casual sunday today which is what they usually call it at church when its Youth Sunday, they mix up the service and have all these interesting things and dance performances.
I guess maybe this wasn't all that casual but i loved it something very reminiscent of something I think Style Pantry would rock, I love her blog and style, the best thing about this outfit is it happened by chance....those outfits are always better when you so happen to find some old pants,come across a shirt you haven't seen in ages lol, that is how this outfit came about.

It was cold this morning but I knew it would warm up by the afternoon, I was cleaning my closet out this weekend and came across my bell bottom pants that I haven't worn in a very long time, I knew I wanted to rock them today but I couldn't not figure out with my mind was going over every shirt I could find in my closet and my room,I found my old bow-tie broach and knew I had 2 pieces to the outfit puzzle. So i finally went to where my moms old clothes were stored and looked through all her shirts and found 2 perfect blouses,red and green. I went with the green,threw on the platform sandals,trouser socks,and I was in there yall. I also got to rock this new lipstick the dark lips and it was on sale. Its from Wet and Wild and they are a good alternative sometimes to more pricier lines.

Anyway got to get in my costume and help my brother in his costume we have a fall festival to attend tonight yaay!

Pants-lane bryant-old-$14.99
platform sandals-taget-$4.99
socks-thrift store-$.49

it is so hard to put these braids in a bun

been playing around in lightroom i almost forgot how to edit stuff lol

-stay fashionable


NRC♥ said...

What a green its fab!


Dredmonsta said...

nice outfit its very vibrant... it POPs,love the shoes

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