Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thrift Haul

love this blouse $2.99

This is a combination of Saturday and Monday's thrift haul.
I actually have a few favorites in this entire haul. I do not think I can ever not eb amazed to finding what I find for 99 cents, those finds make my day lol. Let me know which one of my thrift finds this week is your favorite. Warning picture heavy lol. The 1st 8 items i loooove who am I kidding everything I thrift I loove. This is a mix of haul items from the Half off Goodwill sale,southern thrift,and music city 99 cent day sale. If its loud,printed,unique,vintage or retro looking or classic....I am all over it yall!


straight from the dry cleaner Ralph Lauren classic

i though this was so fun and cute fav find $3.14

fav find 2.99

$2.99  now all I need is some shoe strings lol

2.99 loved this oversized sweater
so cute another half off find $1.50

fav 99cent find from Music City Thrift
i love mom jeans lol $3.99


im totally getting back into flannels 99cent straight from the mens section

99 cent find southern thrift
crop sheer tank idk i have an idea in mind for this lol .99

my sis found this and it was to big on her and fit me $2.99

$1.50 southern thrift , i have been wanting some

99 cent fav i love this jacket
flannel love $2.99

This pink dress is a fav find also it reminds me the pink dorthy perkins dress , i have been wanting. It does not look as good on the hanger but it will on me lol.$2.99

-stay thrifty & always fashionable


mslitta said...

Can't wait to see you in some of these items. You found some great pieces.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

me too ty for visiting.

Kelleashia Tyus said...

I looooove the cropped shirt!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Yes girl I have the 99 cent days memorized for most of the thrift stores here, I get in early and go crazy lol. Ill email you, its all about those days to get the deals I can wait it out for those discount days. Its funny when I picked up that skirt I so thought this is something sherea would wear lol.

SheRea DelSol said...

Wait what?!?!?!??!? These are 99 cents?!?!? I am definitely loving the printed shirts and that printed skirt!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously please respond on my blog or shout me an email @ I want to know where you live and where you shop because I would love to visit. Wow this is AMAZING!!!! Great finds

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