Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebration of Life...via colors

Hello Fashionista's

Before I head to goodwill for some much needed thrifting,I thought I would share a special outfit with you all.  Well this is what I wore to my cousins funeral. I know gasp gasp, no black and all colors. My sister and I decided we did not want to wear dark colors or all black that we wanted to celebrate his life and vibrancy.

sheer shirt:the avenue $5
Purple Blazer thrifted $.99
Pleated Midi Skirt: thrifted $.99
Socks thrifted $.45
Shoes: Urban Outfitters $19.99

We were both complemented and I think we did do the right thing. Black is dark and these days people try to celebrate the life the person lived than morn the finality of the situation.

What do you think? Is it about tradition and what is appropriate to others when you are deciding what to wear to such a somber occasion? Does it even matter these days?

I would love to know your opinions.

Have a great week and stay fashionable

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Mele2541 said...

ARRGHHHH you look so COOOOOL! Love the green and orange together...... condolences to you and your family. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that the feature is up xo

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

<3 Thank you Mele.Im heading over to check it out and tell my fellow fashionista's.

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