Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nothing like the Beach

Hello and Happy Sunday lovely followers

I have been really busy since going on vacation two weeks ago. I have been bursting at the seams to share all the pics with you all. We decided at the beginning of the year we would go on vacation near my birthday. I decided to go to myrtle beach,

since I had not been there before and I sooo love the beach. Oceanfront is where I would love to retire. There is no other calming sound to me than the sound of the ocean.

This is also my first time bringing the hookah and let me tell ya hookah on at the ocean is awesome. We deicded to celebrate the night we arrived which was my 27th birthday, we failed to get informed until to late that liquor stores close at 7pm there. Fortunately all other stores can sell beer and wine 24/7 so we made do for birthday shots and hookah on the deck,while North slept.

This was our first vacation together as a little family and believe it or not as soon as we got to the hotel room North took of crawling after all these weeks rolling,scooting,and trying he just went zoom zoom. He was getting into everything.
North had a fun time in the pool and the ocean and despite having sunscreen on got a bit of a tan. He loved crawling around the hotel room too. He was so comfy in the lazy river at the hotel that he fell asleep nearly everytime after getting in the pool. He would play around and float for 15-20 mins after that it was a wrap he was zzzzzzing lol. He was very curious about the ocean but when that wave came and the water was icy he has second thoughts.

I purchased two swimsuits in preparation for our vacation. One by the talented and well-known "fatshion" blogger GabiFresh did a binki for swimsuitsforall again this year and I totally loved all the colors and the swim top,so I got that one and I also purchased a 2 piece swimsuit from Forever 21 that I ended up liking also,totally did not get any pics of the second swimsuit, will do later in the summer. Even though there are some uber cute one piece suits I have never been much of a fan of one piece swimsuits even before the plus size bikini were sold. I have not took a dip in the pool since the one time last summer when I was 7-8 months preggers and huge, so this was a real treat. Believe it or not im not a very hippy girl, I have thunder thighs but my hips are not wide at all. Im a boob girl, but I had a reduction nearly 10 years ago.

So as I mentioned this was a birthday trip, celebrating another year. I am so truly blessed. I may not have seen all that has happened at the time in my life years ago when I was dreaming of a career,family,and marriage...I look forward to many more birthdays and heading down this road of happiness and success surrounding by all the people that love and encourage me to continue on.
What is your favorite vacation spot?
Enjoy the pictures

my fiancee and myself at the beach :D

north and I in the ocean, it was a little cool that day

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