Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pluscussion: Curvy = Healthy

I have struggled with this thought. AS more plus size and curvy women and retailers promote being who you are and excepting you size and embracing. I stay on the fence with this. On one hand... Until recently I was in a slump Ill say. Its been that way since my mother passed away. Before that time I was in college vibrant putting alot into my outfit everyday and when I went out,and my health. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I was able to maintain a size i thought was accpetable and that would still allow me to be able to shop practically anywhere that went up to an 18. After my mom passed the pounds added up I gained back what I had lost and more as usual you cant just gain what you lost, (ty fairy weight mother). A few months ago I was inspried again to become that virbant person I was who loved looking nice,making my own style, and etc. Inspired by other curvy blogs. Realizing that only 2 years ago I was look fab all the time always answering questions where I got this and that from. It pulled me out of a slump. I did not realize letting myself completely go fashion wise was becuase I was not happy with my life at that time, not happy I had to lose my mom, not happy I had gained this weight being depressed for months, not happy that I would have to actually go back to the gym, not happy that I had to actually give a damn about my life to change...not happy with alot. It hit me to be in a better place I had to put in an effort. Not changing is so comfortable, doing what we have always done is so easy and simple. You know it like the back of your hand. In Jan like the rest of Americans I would hit the gym and I did inching there ya know. Changing my eating habits. Read a few books did alot of research then I just decided a diet was out it was time to just change the way I was eating for life. Don't get me wrong the weight is slowly and I mean slowly coming off. It took me to March to really get on track but I feel so much better way better about all the things that made me unhappy. I have even accepted myself at this size. Seeing I can look great and fabulous like before, but at the same time I still want to lose the excess weight and get healthy. Skinny is not what I am looking for Healthy is the goal.

I'm happy right now but this is not it for me. Im going to be moving forward and losing. I think society should say yes be happy with whatever size you are but be healthy. That is the key its not about looking like that runway model who is 98lbs who is prob healthy at all im sure. The media focuses on size and not really the important thing which is health. You can be 600lbs and not live as long as you could have if you were 300lbs and healthy, and the same works for 98lbs and unhealthy instead of 135lbs and healthy.

So lets stay curvy but keep our health a priority. Adding just a little exercise is all it takes. I know that it is hard to pull out of the slump,but I cannot believe that I did it myself. Losing my mother she was my best friend, and at the age of 38 is heart breaking for anyone but it felt like....I cant even explain the emotions. I did not know what to do but live and think about my siblings, but I had to think about myself at some point. I didn't want them to lose me at 38 like we had lost my mom. You can use your situation whether its worse than this or whatever and help it to pull you up and out of the slump. Even if its an inch a day it helps and one day you will be finally out of it, and thats when you really start living.

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Fresh prince said...

keep up the good work. You gotta have love for yaself to change, and ur outlook will change, which is half the battle. You are inspiring love the blog

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