Thursday, September 1, 2011

LOTD: Checkboard Picnic

Blazer:THRIFT/Shirt-Target Boyfriend Tee/Pants-Thrifted/Pumps-Cato/Bag-Thrifted

I love this bag and got it for 1.99 at one of my fav thrift stores in nashville

I forgot to mention when I went to colorado I did some thrifting of course. Ill have to give a little review of the stores up there and my feelings on thrifting there. I managed to find a few cute things....i totally have got my brother into thrifting now and we racked up on Cosby sweaters for the winter up there and vintage levi and nike stuff hes def has his own style I def will try to get him to send a pic for the blog he HATES taking pictures.

My new motto a family that thrifts together always styles together lol

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