Thursday, September 1, 2011

LOTD:Paper Girl


So I have been away busy for a while mainly preparing and then helping my brother move to Colorado for college and get situated with school and my other siblings too. Things are finally slowing down and i was capturing outfits while I was away so i will be back updating and posting. I have been refining my style(not really i guess but defining my style ), of course peoples still change and the more confidence I gain the more Im ready to fully wear the things I have always wanted to, but always thought I was to big for.

Another update my brother graciously motivated me to start working out with him a month before he left for school and I am continue the workout plan and new healthy eating plan. I feel so great I was working out before but it was 1 or 2 times a wk or whenever I felt like it, so im glad he did that and got me pumping some iron lol.

Today's LOTD is simple the jacket is def one of my favorite blazers oh yes and i got it for a whole 99 cents. I am unofficially addicted to thrifting myself and my lil sister (btw she is very much so a fashionsita ill have to post her tumblr). I have slimmed down a bit enough to fit some things i loved but had become to small and I was griping about not find alot of clothes thrifting about a month ago but now that im a bit smaller I have been getting more things.

I did a complete closet clean and got rid of all the old clothes i no longer wore or desired to wear which all were mainly in amazing condition and gently used, i take lots of care with my clothes. I donated them to one of the thrift stores i frequent and all the dressier clothes will be going to dress for success a non-profit agency helping women prepare for job interviews and work they provide them with clothes and are in dire need of dressy plus-size clothing. I still have more stuf to get rid of or i need to buy some more storage space geez. Ill be posting the new LOTD right after this

Happy to be back!

PS: Yes I was sweating a bit when my brother took those pics it was about 95 with crazy humitdy down in here in TN...... I had just got home and was exhausted

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Kamea Tisdale said...

I love the blazer, and you look like this blogger over at tumblr..she call herself

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