Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoplight:K-Mart LYS

Hello Lovely Readers, I went to Kmart a few days ago on a whim ... and I was so surprised at how fashionable their clothes had become( i might be late on this but ok). Their junior and jr plus were very stylish and the pricing was very affordable. The fall pieces are out and very  stylish,modern,and trendy. I had not been to Kmart in years and recently heard a bit of buzz about their clothing but never had the time to check it out. In the straight size section their new partnership with Sofia Vergara has added some sexy trendy clothes that go up to size 18 available. I had the pleasure of coming there at the perfect time. They are having a summer end clearance sale and all pieces are 3.99. Can you say happy, you all know I am a thrifty shopper and I usually stay in the thrift stores,but I couldn't pass 3.99 per piece up. I filled my basket up with things to try on.All the pieces I tried on were from the LYS (Love your style) line.
Some Fall LYS Clothing

I did not want to get to excited yet.You know like going to a new store and finding they have clothing in your size only to find the clothes run small or nothing fits you right and you walk out disappointed. I was surprised everything runs true to size and on somethings it was a bit big.I totally was upset that I loved everything on and then had to play the deciding game.

These summer pieces I picked up will still be able to be rocked seamlessly this fall. Bright neon colored tunic tanks,fushia satin skirts,cobalt blue rompers,army green shorts and tunics. Another great feature of this fashion forward items now being in Kmart is Lay-away for all the budding divas and fashionistas short on change. You can put these items up pay it down a little at a time within a period of time and you can be styling too. Its great to read about it but you have to see this stuff in the store. You cannot go wrong with good quality,great fitting,and stylish plus size clothing that is very affordable. You can also buy online here. K-mart Fashion.

satin vibrant plus skirt

vibrant plum tank dress
satin army green wide waist band shorts

These were some of the items I purchased very cute and chic. GO K-MART. I hope to keep you all updated on their clothes in the future, I was so impressed.

-Keep Smiling!

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