Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Name Change

I have been considering a name change to this blog, when I first started dimplesnsmiles it was going to be a personal still it but it mainly is about plus size fashions,styling,and thrifting. I do not think the name is relective of the content on the blog I guess, im not sure.... I do not think its too drastic to change the name, the hard part is coming up with something new =/. Leave your suggestions...for the name change or against it I want to know.

Keep Smiling

UPDATE....I have decided to change the name of the blog for the better and I went ahead got a domain, i think its better to do this now, I feel I can make a better impact and with the down day I had today,its time for changes and positivity. =D ,ty-dimples


Frugal Big Girl said...

Well keep us all posted! Will you be changing sites? Let me know, b/c I'd love to follow got such cute style and I'm loving all your thrift finds!

Dimples n Smiles said...

I will ty for your support, im in the process of getting everything changed over and it should be a smooth change my old url will go straight to the new one. :D

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