Saturday, October 1, 2011

Curvy Costume Hunting

Its that time of the you know what you're going to be for halloween parties and etc. Don't be the one making and excuse as to why you are the only one dressed in regular clothing, do not let you size stop you. Everyone knows drinking in costumes is way more fun!!! I found some great options for halloween party season this year check them all, all different prices and if you are short on cash use them as inspiration and head to your nearest thrift store, you can def come up with some original costumes for super cheap.

Last year I was rick james lol, i had ran out of time to come up with anything else. I swiped a jeri curl type wig for cheap drew on a mustache added beads to the wig and had on leggings and a tee shirt that i cut a deep v-neck in and wore platform boots. Its funny everyone loved it I have pics but I have to dig for them on facebook lol. Be original,be fun,and be sexy in your way. I tried to put a variety of costumes that I liked in different price ranges, check them out. Its better to get it early in-case you have fit issues. I have purchased a costume online before and i decided to order it bigger and added a belt and it worked out fine. What are you gonna be this year...let me know!


  • If you go in store...always try costumes on sizes vary and costumes are different sizing from clothes
  • Do not rule out anything even try checking in the men's section if you arent look for sexy,but something funny.

  • If you buy online,buy early so you can switch it out and send it back if you need to. I always go up a size.You can fix something to big with a belt but to small is harder.

  • Check return policy.

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