Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review:Chelsea Settles 1st episode

So even though I do not fully agree with this "Chubby Block" that MTV has come up with "I used to be fat" and "Chelsea Settles" and also the fact that I do not really like underdog reality stories (due in part that I think lots of editing takes place and actually takes the realness out of what we are watching) I opted to check out Chelsea Settles anyway. With the first episode we are introduced to Chelsea. I'm not sure if MTV is trying to give the appearance of this being authentic reality TV,but they choose to start off with a Q and A with Chelsea on a sofa. They occasionally refer back to this setting in-between the show. After Chelsea describes some of her struggles being over weight and how she separates herself socially because of her size,we also learn she is 23 and out of school.  There is lots of tears and crying  for Chelsea wondering how she let herself get to 325lbs. She feels that her size will hold her back in her career of Fashion and she decides to make a change and began a diet and workout regiment as well as contemplating moving to L.A. I do have to ad that Chelsea said she would most like to be like Kim Kardashian and she is basically her dream person to be like, she inspires her...(I wanted to turn the channel then).

I'm not sure what to think, on one hand she said she separated herslef from others, ashamed of her body, but she had a  boyfriend and he is cute and slim  in the Army. I was wondering how the hell did she manage to find a boyfriend (btw hes an ass,cheater and down talker her but thats love I guess) without talking to people besides her cousin. Anyway guess that's not addressed. I'm not sure how many people will actually physically get up and move as farthest away as possible from people's view just because they think people should not see them eat. In all honesty I think that is just weird,but people deal with weight issues differently. I do commend her for going through the weigh in process on national television. I think that was a hard reality. I'm not nearly as big as her and I would have a problem showing my stomach and weight on TV but then again if I was getting paid I would get over it lol. All of Chelsea's emotions are real, I do wish in addition to the diet and workout plan that they get her to see a psychologist, it will really help her to change her thoughts for the better. Just because you lose weight does not mean you immediately think positively about your body.

Overall, I may watch next week, I do think the show is very predictable, and I'm not sure it will actually hold my attention to watch the entire season. I am still on the fence about this new MTV show. My mind has not settled on  "Chelsea Settles", yes I had to do it lol.  Glad MTV at least acknowledged and let a curvy girl be the center of a show, now their motives (ratings) yeah idk.You be the judge. Did you watch Chelsea settles,let me know what you thought about the first episode or the show period?

These are solely my opinions.


Miesha Roshawn said...

First time visiting your blog, the name caught my attention! I don't typically watch weight loss shows since I feel as though they give people tyring to lose a false reality. I'm your newest follower...stop by and visit my blog when you can :-)

Miriam Stella said...

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Miriamstella (from Italy)

Dimples said...

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Tip said...

i fell in love with this show thw first time i watched it!!! Nice site :)

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