Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where 2 Wear:GYM

Where 2 Wear:GYM
Hello Fashionistas,

You all my not know this but I hit the gym every week, HARD! I work out between 5-6 times a week, its like an iron man workout to me lol, but its great I love it. I have been working out like this for almost 6 months and before that I would do cardio about 3 times a week,but now I pump that IRON (i love saying that).
Anyway I have  been wanting to change up my wardrobe to the gym...yes I do care what I wear, but usually i keep it simple. I have 2 long tunic kind of tees and I have some active wear leggings I wear with them. The problem is its all black. Now see my issue is I sweat ALOT and very easliy. I know what you are saying.... "ITS THE GYM DIMPLES you are suppose to sweat!" I know this but I sweat all over and I would hate to bend down getting a weight and there's sweat on my cheeks...yes those cheeks loooool. I just do not...DO NOT like everyone being able to see how much I am sweating. So I heavily consider that when choosing on what clothes to add to my gym collection.

Fashion Trends can sometimes translate into the gym too, its easy and simple if you find the right clothes. Plus the gym always has cute guys there,you def want to look decent and always comfy.
Maybe you have wanted to get back in the gym, or start going, or even go now and want to freshen up that gym attire, its been on my mind so I went to the net to check out activewear for us curvy girls, and I think we have some winners, check out the set, what do you think, which is your favorite look. Let me Know? Those Fila Shoes I hear are amazing and since they are on sale i think I might have to get those.

Pick your look,let me know...and hit the gym its an awesome stress reliever!

P.S. Old Navy has a great active wear section


Anonymous said...

I usually throw on an old tee to the gym but im going to check out old navy see if I can spice that tired tee up lol

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