Monday, October 24, 2011

Fashion Event Bust

So my good friend was invited to a fashion event in Nashville, her co-worker was debuting her clothing line at a boutique with a fashion show and drinks....ya know the whole shabang. My friend invited me since she thought it would be great for the blog and I was super excited my 2nd Fashion event in town. I always see events here and there that I would like to attend but not usually alone, so this was gonna be fun, so I thought. There's always a friend had lost the info about the location so we ended up not being able to go, I was a bit sad but and on top of that my cousin who was also going to go ended up having a major crisis. I rushed to his house in ,my clothes that I was going to wear out to the event. Once his lil crisis was over I forced him to take pictures of my outfit, hey I had it on so might as well show it lol. After taking the pictures I notice this dress was a bit wrinkled, should have taken a steamer to it but oh well. It was a bit chilly but thank God for these big ole' legs I was warm haha. I would love some thigh high flat boots though, they just have to be able to get over these monster calves. I thought I would start including the prices of the pieces and total outfits, we'll see how it goes.

Dress-Kmart LYS-$2.99
Boots-super old
Belt-Old Navy-$1.99
Necklace-Target $2.47
Bracelet-The Avenue-$4.99
Ring-JCPENNY $7.99

Total: $21.42
-Stay fashionable


Anonymous said...

love that dress,i like your style

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