Friday, November 11, 2011

iChambray, uChambray ,Chambray swept away

Hi Fashionista's how was your Friday?
I put these pieces together early this morning about 9am yall...I just got a new bed put up in my room last night. Its a vintage brass bed and i loooove it and i have 3 mattresses on it yall I feel like the princess and the pea.
We didn't want to get rid of my other mattress its pretty comfortable, so we just staked it on top. I used to have a ikea platform bed and now im in a 5ft tall bed lool, ok not that high but it is almost as tall as I am which is 5'4". Anyway my room is chaotic. I took the chance to try and organize new clothes and get rid of more old clothes since I had to move things out of the way for the new bed. I thought I would have to throw on some sweats or something but I managed to find this and I took some quick picks before I left the house, what do ya think? I had to run a few errands and managed to hit up a thrift store I don't go to much and walked away with a few things., anyway spill it...hopefully it doesn't look thrown together.

vintage Tribal Print Jacket-thrifted-$.99 (looove this)
chambray studded button down shirt-old-$4.00
brown broom skirt-ross clearance- $5.99
boots-ross- $12.99

-stay fashionable


mslitta said...

You put your outfit together very well. I love that sweater and I want one. Been on the search for one. The closest one to it is a Rachel Roy sweater at a whopping 100.00 bucks. You paid a dollar.. I need to keep searching.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

"Its very western meets native meets urban!" I loove that, described this look pretty good. Thank you as well for your comment and visits to my blog, I love your style you are so inspiring.

Kiah said...

This outfit reminds me so much of my reservation. Its very western meets native meets urban! LOVE! Your hair is so cute like this! The background just brings it to another rustic level! Awesome! Thank you for your sweet comments! I may not always comment but I do read your comments and you are sweet! Kiah

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