Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Beauty friend Friday:No Make Up

Hi Fashionista's,

I joined the Fashion Beauty Friday group a few weeks ago. I thought it was a great network for meeting other fashion bloggers,getting tips, and etc. I also thought it might be a great opportunity for you all to get to know me even more *big smiles*:D. Every week they give the group of bloggers themes or questions to answer, and on every Friday we answer them and link up, its very fun and I am excited to do my first one. You can find out more about FBFF and join if you are a fellow fashion blogger here and also see the list of participants for this week and their answers.

So this week
we were to take pictures without anyway make-up and it was not very hard for me to do, see yall I do not wear much make-up ever really. My favorite thing to wear is def mascara and eyes shadow. I naturally have long lashes so when my mascara is doing right my lashes look like I have fakes ones on and I looove that lol. Only when I am going out for the night,special occasions will I do the extra face dressing. Even then I wear very light make up. I don't knock anyone who wakes up and puts on their face. I guess I just have never been that girl, I don't really mind seeing my imperfections, pores lol whatever. I love the natural/fresh face look, but I do have a small collection of make up that I keep in stock and use:

  • Loreal Paris  Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base: i love this stuff its a great concealer and makes your fave very even and light feeling worth every penny $9.97
  • Elf Eyelid Primer-your eye shadow shows up so much better with this love this and its a great knock off of the urban decay eye shadow primer $1
  • A volumizing mascara right now Rimmel is my fav but I have like  8 or 9 I use they do wonders $7.99
  • MAC Black Russian Eye Liner (I have had this a while and rarely wear eye liner but I have always loved this glitter eyeliner)
  • My eye shadow palette 
  • Various Wet n Wild Lipsticks $1.99

These are the things I use all the time. I love to see amazing eye make up on people, I think you can get so creative with the eyes its an art. I am always looking at new techniques for my eyes via you tube or whatever. This is where I have the most fun. I'm def not perfect but I am getting better yall. I have always wondered how do you become the girl who wakes up and has to have on a full face of make up. I have seen where some women cannot even walk to the kitchen after waking up without some make up on.How does that happen? I do not ever want to be like that, I have a distant love affair with make up and I do not really care. So what I have a few blemishes here and there, don't we all.  Yes morning face isn't always the prettiest, shoot I think I look good when I wake up yall its all about the confidence. I never wore make up during high school only to formals,prom,etc. I have seen middle school girls in full make up, that's too much in my opinion. I think a lot of times people use make up to hide instead of to accentuate features, I always thought that was the purpose of make-up, like I said I am still learning.What's your love affair with make up? Do you have to wake up and put on your face, or you can't leave the house without some type of foundation/powder on, or do you reserve make up for special occasions or work? Let me know I would love to hear your thoughts. I leave you with my fresh face look for the 2nd post for the entire look.
sun kissed
me a few months ago fresh faced and ready for bed lol

-Stay Fashionable


mslitta said...

I wear makeup to work because I have to. I wear makeup up when I GO OUT. I don't wear makeup when I run errands and can go days with out wearing makeup. I tell my clients all the time that I hate makeup... I Love to Apply it!

mslitta said...

Forgot to mention, you look gorgeous with out makeup. You have great skin!

Sherine Patrick said...

Love your braids :-)
And i was just telling a cousin that she needs to try wearing no makeup once in a while or she'll forget how to love the real her.

Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

awh thank you for the welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. I love looking at make up artist work, they can do some amazing things with a brush and palette and.

Kimberlee VDW said...

Welcome to FBFF! I definitely agree that makeup can be such an amazing art form. You look great, love the braids :)

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