Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Week's Thrift Round Up

Hello Fashionista's,

I anticipated having a major haul this week. I can sometimes get a good feeling about what the colors maybe at goodwill and I was right this week and I racked up.
Yall I have never went to goodwill before they opened but I had to make sure I was there early because I had somewhere to be. I know I can spend 2-3 hrs in goodwill on .99 cent day so I prepped and arrived early. I got their at 8:45 am and sat in the car eating my breakfast, it was raining and gloomy and I looked at the door and there was a line forming I could not believe it. I tell yall it gets crazy on .99cent and the later you come the more packed and crazy it is, the baskets will be gone and all. When those doors opened, I flew in like a hawk and was picking up find after find after find. I racked up on lots of shirts for myself and my sister and alot were brand spanking new. A few pants for both of us, I got a dress,sweater,and jumpsuit for  myself and found her 2 jumpsuits.

all shirts .99cents
3 pants and 1 skirt another button down shirt thats velour all .99cents

long sweater .99cents

jumpsuit that is so cute .99cents

jumpsuit for my sister .99cents

another jumpsuit .99 rambo would not get out the picture lol
dress .99cent one my fav finds

blazer with sheer arms i found for my sister very cute .99cent

I had some great finds this week yall. I know there will be lots of sales for black friday. I might have to stop at the thrift stores to see since this year I think thats about all my budget can afford lool.

-Stay Fashionable


SheRea DelSol said...

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you find the DOPEST THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY need to visit Nashville!! You are a super thriftshionista!!!

Cherrie J. said...

Girl I am so jealous of your finds! I wish my local Goodwill had 99 cent day...I would always be the first in line! Great post!!


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