Friday, December 9, 2011

Extreme Thrifting...oh yesss...this weeks thrift haul!!!

all the tags from this week thrifting. Im almost done christmas shopping
Yall I was so excited for this week's thrift haul. As much as I thrift I can still get excited with my finds. I went to the goodwill armed with a Christmas list requesting clothes and a few other things...mhmmm you know exactly where I went..
My basket was so full things kept falling off yall. I had to hang clothing on the side of the basket lol. I was finding so many things. The first section I started at was coats. Here at Goodwill's in town their coats are all white tag and for a while are never on sale until a few weeks after it has been cold and they slowly put colored tags on the coats. Yes yall when I saw a few blue tag coats I had to ask an associate to be sure it was .99 cent and he assured me they were,btw I did leave some coats for other, no need to buy a lot of coats just because they are .99 cents. I did score a few though that I will be getting dry cleaned for christmas.

all 99 cent unbelievable and I loved them all...wonder which one(s) are for me if any lol
I also scored lots of clothing and tee and some stuff for myself. I of course won't say what is what so no one will spot their gifts  (even though I don't think they will see this post lol). One of my fav hauls of the year I would have to say.
The coat in the middle was from almost 2 wks ago I think I forgot to post it but I got it for 4.50 and it had the tags in the!!! The green coat was tagged $39.99

More stuff...shirts...tees...jeans

each one of these were .99 cent ea.
my fav find of the week besides the coats. these were $3.99
So I got these from All things possible and I love this lil thrift store. I go like once a month ,but I had not been in a while and decided to stop in since I was on that side of town and look what I saw. I tried em on and checked the calender and shoes and accessories were %50 off so I got them for $3.99 they have lots of wear left in them. The funny thing is I cant zip them all the way up because of my wide calf but I figured I would still rock them I dont even care half zipped will work for me lol.What do you think, was this a great haul or what?See anything ya like, a fav item of this haul...telllll me!

Stay Fashionable


Leah the broke fatshionista said...

I almost didnt get that striped shirt becuase it was a bit big but I tried it on and couldn't resist, its nothing that a belt cant fix.

SheRea DelSol said...

Give me that striped pink and blue top and that patterned shirt, second to the bottom on the left!! NOW!! lol GREAT FINDS!!!

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