Friday, January 27, 2012

Trend4Less:Bananas 4 Brights

Trend4Less:Bananas 4 Brights

Trend4Less:Bananas 4 Brights by dimples87 featuring skinny leg jeans

Hello Fashionista's, Its the First Fashion Beauty Friend Friday of the year and I'm participating this month. Its all about New Trend and what we are loving right now!

1. With Fashion week just around the corner, we are all beginning to 
focus on the upcoming trends for fall. But what about the trends 
hitting stores now? What are you coveting? 

I am so loving Brights Brights & more Brights. I have always loved lots of colors. The neon trend is still going strong with the addition of solid colored pastals for spring, Brights are here to stay. From color jeans,messenger bags,shoes,clutches,dress,brights are taking over.  I def love color blocking and almost do it second nature.

2. How do you incorporate new trends into your wardrobe? 

If I see a trend that I am loving and wanting to possibly try. I do a lot of research which means, I hit up fashion magazines,blogs,polyvore,and chictopia to see how to rock a certain trend. I am not big on trends really to begin with but I do love a few and try to make them more of me than just me wearing whats in and hot. I wont just dive into a trend either. i will start small and see what I can find on my thrifting trips and see if I am liking it and I go from there.

3. What trend are you seeing and not loving? 

Well I have not see a lot of it but the whole S&M chains and whips was trending a bit and I have a beauty for it but I totally cannot rock or work that stuff. I'll leave it to the fashion experts.

4. Do you feel the pressure to constantly update your closet with the 
latest trends? 

I never feel the pressure to constantly update my closet. I wear what I want and what I love. Trends are just that,stuff that is hot now and on its way out. Unless its something I completely love and covet and feel I go to have it. I will pass. Having a closet full of trendy clothes means you will be constant buying new things all the time. My blog is Broke Fatshion. I live on a budget and try to show my readers how to stay fashionable for less, I can't do that constantly updating my closet for trends lol

5. Where do you find inspiration that takes the trend and makes it 
accessible to you and your personal taste? 

I am very active on and love the site. I am able to look at other people's styles without actually diving into it myself and I can visual how something might look on me. I also frequent elle,refinery,and of course other bloggers to see whats hot and up and coming. I always try to find out whats trending for my blog but it does not mean I will be participating.

 Hope you enjoyed this months Trend4Less:Bananas for Brights! Whats your favorite trend right now? Whats your favorite Brights Look,have you rocked some brights yet? Let me know. Check out the other FBFF answers on what trends they love here.

Happy Fashion Beauty Friend Friday and
Stay Fashionable


Kimberlee VDW said...

That's cool that you do your research - I'm guilty of just buying something because of impulse!

Heather said...

YES def. loving brights! I def. do my research to ...esp since I spend a lot of time online. But I def. do more research on bigger purchases lol

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Yes I have to plus its fun to see others take on trends and researching is the nerd in me lool. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Right I spend lots of time online researching is like second nature. I see something hot I like and I'm simultaneously looking it up lol, especially an expensive purchase. You are so def right about that. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

dreaminofme18 said...

I am loving anything peplum right now.......i don't focus on adding trends to my closet as much as I do pieces that are versatile can can be transformed from workwear to clubwear..(I'm too old to buy club clothes). I look at polyvore for attention span is too short for chictopia lolll I try to find trendier pieces in TJ maxx and places I can get designer items for cheap but for right now asos has stolen my heart lolllllllllllll

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Exactly I am def not all crazy for trends its nice to throw a piece or two in my closet but everything I get is reminiscent of my style always. The only trend I really fell hard for was color blocking lol. If I wore more fitted skirts I would prob have more peplum skirts but I only have 1 peplum dress. Chictopia isn't that hard though I love it. I use their search like I'm shopping and you can instantly find looks for a particular item. Give it a second try lol.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

the more I see it, the more I'm starting to like neons and brights as well.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Yes they are very hard to escape. Trying it on a bag or something smaller is a great way to try something new in your wardrobe. Thxs for stopping by my blog. <3 Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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