Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Min Gifts Ideas for the major procrastinator!!!!!

Hello Fashionista's,

The countdown to Christmas is winding down. Hopefully you all are done with your shopping. I def am and happy to be finished. In case you have been super busy and a few gifts are lingering or you are stumped on what to get someone, here's a few last min gifts that always go over well or are very easy and simple to give.

E-Gift Cards: Most retailers are offering e-gift cards, these can emailed to your recipients email address. These come in handy if you do not have time to ship a gift.

E-books- Know your person is an avid reader, this can be a life saving last min gift. Even if they do not have an ipad,nook,or kindle. Customers can give Kindle books as gifts to anyone with an email address - no Kindle required. Kindle books can be read on Kindle devices and free Kindle reading apps for Android, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or in web browsers with Kindle Cloud Reader. A great gift for the person who loved to read.

Itunes Gift Card: Ok I have done this for a last min gift and to my surprise it went over very well. If the person owns an iphone,ipod, or ipad this is a great gift. It gives them the liberty of going on an app shopping spree lol.

Body Wash & Lotion Sets: Ok so this may be very a gift but if you have ever received this, you prob eventaully endeded up using it in the long run. They can range in price and can be picked up at the drug store which may be the only thing open on Christmas day. Skip over the cheap socks and add a few dollars to this simple,but very useful gift.

Living Social & Groupon Gifts: These sites can provide you with a last min gift on a budget. They offer an array of different deals to different things in your city i.e. massages, restaurant, photography deals,iphone repair,and so many other things that make great gifts.. Living Social had a great family section offer, which usually has kit-related items and family orientated outting deals that would make great family gifts.

Streaming Site Subscriptions: Netflix literally saved my life. Lol no really I love my netflix and cannot go anywhere without it (i have the app on my ipod, all the gaming systems in the house and all the computers). It is a great service and its very affordable. Have a friend who talks about wanting netflix or to try one of the other streaming sites like Hulu. Go out on a limb for them and purchase a gift subscription most starting at $7.99.

There will be extended hours and great last min sales at the many department stores and Toys R Us up until Christmas Eve. There is still time to pick up some good gifts, but if you end up waiting until midnight christmas eve and have ran out of wrapping paper with 2 names on the list. The gifts I listed will be life savers. Are you done shopping or do you have a few gifts to get? You might have to put in work and fight to the death over that last xbox game or bike loool. Oh yeah and DON'T forget the wrapping paper and tape!!

Be Safe yall and Happy Holidays from Broke Fatshion

-Stay Fashionable


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