Friday, December 30, 2011

Loose Ends Pt 2

Hello Fashionista's who aren't catching their z's,

So almost done tying these loose ends up before the New Year *smiles*
My last of back logged pics was from a recent event I was invited to attend from my sister. It was the black affair concert at my church. I had to wear black,so I def had to rummage through the closet for something.

 I threw this together. I was running late has no idea what to wear but somehow pulled these together not y best but it worked i think.
blazer $.99
dress: kmart $11.99
belt-thrifted $.99
knit tights: old 

Update: I now have my nye outfit pretty much together I was hoping for more sequins but things did not work out so we shall see i'll be comfy at least lol.

Last loose end...i think lol my last thrift haul of the year. I found some randomness this week hauling. Two items I got for d.i.y projects. My fav was prob the blue dress on the last row. Its very boho hippy like and its completely see through lool. I can't wait to wear it somewhere. Everything was purchased on .99 cent day at Goodwill,except the two skirts. I got those from music city thrift for my d.i.y mullet skirt projects. My gift card  I got for Christmas from my aunt and uncle to Goodwill got some good use <3 and I have some left over for my 1st haul of the new year yaaay.

-Stay Fashionable & Have a Happy New Year


mizztia18 said...

Orange is certainly your color girl. Love the looks!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

thank you <3

kelleashia said...

love the look black is always classic!

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