Saturday, December 31, 2011

Broke Fatshion 2011 Year in Review

Hello Fashionista's

lots of changes to the blog happened this year

Wow its come down to one day left in 2011 and as we prob all have done, I did some reflecting. The growth of this blog has been amazing. I went through a name change, layout changed and  gained lots of new followers. Its so funny to now be at this place. I know I have plenty more ground to cover in the blogging world but I am so grateful what I have achieved within the time I have been blogging, with the help of my committed followers and the web.

The 1st few post of mine, I was blinding doing. I had no idea of what direction I wanted for the blog. I pretty much jumped in head first. I was still messing with my style. Trying to pull myself out of my depression from my mother passing. The blog believe it or not did that. I started doing some research after,reading some tips. I finally thought I might be ready to devote the time needed to keep my blog up, the comments were very helpful from my 1st few followers. It encouraged me to continue blogging,showing my point of view of plus size fashion, and I did.

I had my 1st interview and feature this year. It was amazing and I could not believe someone what to interview me and it being Black Girls Killing, who had interview style inspirations of mine Vintage Virgin and Style Pantry, which also have a major presence on tumblr and facebook. It was a very humbling and proud moment for me,Broke Fatshion,and of course my followers.

I was also featured on Plus Model Mag as Fashion Friday Pick right before the year closed. These may be minor accomplishment in the blogger world but they mean so much to me. 

The biggest change for the blog was my style. It has changed the last few months, into what I feel like it how I always wanted to dress. I just thought I couldn't. Its amazing how that gradually happens before your eyes or pics. I was still trying to figure out what I really liked when I 1st started blogging and went from that to the pictures below of my fav looks this year. My hair had a few changes to this year loo and my weight.
my 1st blog post lotd


2012 Personal Goals

  1. Continue Healthy Active Liftestyle 
  2. Learn to Sew <-major thing I want to accomplish
  3. Learn how to make resin earrings
  4. Get As and Bs my 1st semester of grad school
  5. Continue Building my spiritual relationship with God
  6. Read a new book at least 1 a month
  7. Continue taking pictures for my photography book and hopefully self publish by the end of 2012
  8. I want to do more d.i.y fashion projects
  9. More outings around my city
  10. Maintaining my transitioning natural hair <-lots of work

2012 Broke Fatshion Blog Goals

  1. Get on my blogger grind lol<- making my presence known on the web even more
  2. Host my 1st clothing swap in town
  3. Making more blogger friends<- i love making friends
  4. Bigger Better Thrift Hauls <-im putting that for good measure
  5. Continue with at least 3-5 post a week <-ill do my best with school starting
  6. Continue Growing the Facebook Fan Page & Tumblr & Blog
  7. Developing some segment to showcase my lovely followers <-still figuring this out
  8. Staying Humble and Encouraged on this blogger journey

I'm sure I will think of more goals. I appreciate your continued support of my vision Broke Fatshion. I hope you stay with me on my fashion journey, the best is yet to come.

The quote I will be living by for 2012 randomly popped in my head the other day....
"If you be yourself, the world will find you"-Leah

Stay Fashionable & Safe this New Year
see ya in 2012


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