Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pluscussion: Is thrifting gifts for christmas unacceptable?

I have been thinking Do you think its rude to get someone a used gift? I know that I don't!!!! Of course it does depend on the person and situation,but really lets think about it. What if you are strapped for cash this holiday season, is it rude to go hunting for gifts at the thrift store?

So as I said this has been on my mind a bit,while doin my weekly thrift at Goodwill...I had asked my siblings to tell me 3 things they wanted for Christmas and I was going to do the best I could to get all the items within my budget of course.Clothes and Shoes were on those list including a few other things that I had to order.

As I walked the aisles of Goodwill I wondered how many present get trashed and donated to goodwill every year after Christmas.Brand new stuff people paid perhaps lots or lil money for. Lets be honest these days people's taste change to quickly,that about time your gift is presented to who it was for they may not like what you go them. There goes that awkward "oh I love it" face, and after they unwrap it you never see it again. You may have got most of your gifts or maybe not,but think about the thrift store,yard sales,or flea markets. It does not hurt to try these places, who knows what you might find for yourself or someone else. Keep an open mind, you can find some brand new items still in the box or with tags if you are willing to put in a lil work, and your pockets will not hurt so badly after Dec 25.
Among those cluttered racks are some hidden treasures

On the other hand people can be so picky and might def turn up a nose to a used gift no matter if you repair or re-purposed it. So its really one of those things that depends on the situation or the person who the gift is for. Maybe your frugal friend will appreciate a gift from the thrift store or even a gift card, but perhaps someone else will totally be offended. If you have not considered it, stop by your local thrift store. I know if I got some thrifted items or some vintage luggage or whatever,yall know I would be all over it lol. Be creative and resourceful, of course you do not want to offend with your gifts, but try something different. Maybe next Christmas you can see who can come up with the most unique gift which would incorporate thrift stores.

Benefits of Thrifting Gifts:

More Eco-Friendly: after a little research i found that 3% of gifts are immediately trashed after Christmas and 40% after 6 months to 1 yr. We have more and more waste no need to add to the Land Fills with your ugly stuff you did not like. Plus our closets are filled with items we don't wear already, like we need anything else we aren't wearing to squeeze in there.

Budget Friendly: Times are Tuff, money is tight and our eyes seem to be bigger than our I right? So be frugal,yeah ok who cares if they call you out for being cheap. Bottom line shopping thrifty is significantly cheaper than buying similar items brand new. If the giftee does not like it, your pockets won't be so hurt and they can donate it right back. Plus some thrift stores are charity based and you can support their cause by purchasing from that store.

Uniqueness: Thrift stores carry lots of clothes, old and new with tags, and lots of unique home items and more. You can find some amazing one of a kind stuff. Whats better than getting a gift you may have not ever see,or have not seen in such a long time its a joy to get it. Along with clothes thrift stores sale furniture,home items,electronics,and etc. You can take a beat up table,picture frames,or etc and put a tiny bit of work into and tadaaa... you have a unique gift that means a lot more because you upcycled it.

So what do my fashionista's think? Maybe I am wrong here.Would you be accepting of a thrifted gift or open to buy gifts for others from the thrift store.  Is this acceptable?Of course a good fashionista can find new things sometimes at equal prices if they put in work. Let me know. Yall know what I did, I was a solider in that thrift store and piled the basket up. I had my eyes all over that store for unique stuff and I got a bulk of what they wanted without hurting my pockets to much.I got some very unique amazing stuff. I'm happy at least my siblings all have similar style and love thrift store swag. I am all about saving money,but not to the point of offending anyone. What are your thoughts?

Is thrifting gifts acceptable for christmas?
Yes of course
Absoultey Not!!!
I don't know.... free polls 
Spill it & Stay Fashionable


The Notorious ZAG said...

I think if a person is a known thrifter, then go for it! They know the trouble and skills it takes to find a gem in the midst of the confusion that is Goodwill, so they'll appreciate the fact that you found a thrifted item that was just right for them. on the other hand, i wouldn't go to the thrift trying to find anything to pass off as new. if i know a person doesn't thrift, and i'm broke they'll just have to wait until the after holiday sales, let me bake them something, or not get anything at all.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

I totally agree with you. Its acceptable if the recipient is a thrift store shopper etc. Other than that anyone else might be offended. Only other thrifters can really appreciate a good thrift find and christmas prob isn't the time to introduce it to someone new lool. I like the idea of doing something else like baking or maybe taking the person out to dinner or a movie if you are very low on funds. I think people can understand that and appreciate it more. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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