Friday, December 16, 2011

So Crushed!

Hello Fashionista's

I posted a few weeks ago about the on surge of velvet on the scence. Yall know how it goes in fashion things come full circle and repate after a few years. I picked up this shirt while I was thrifting a lil bit before it got cold.
I have always loved the look of velvet and crushed velvet when done right . To me its a classic but fancy kind of look. You can dress up velvet or dress it down. In this case I rocked it very casual. I was headed with my sister to go looking for a dress she needed for an event. We first started at good will and found the perfect vintage  fitted dress for .99 cents yall. She was able to use the rest for accessories which was about $10.

Its funny I have been thrifting so long,that anytime we need something I immediately thing thrift store first then regular stores after. Its almost second nature. It was dark and cold outside so I opted for hallway pics,srry don;t mind the door knob and such. I did as much cropping as I could lol.

Shirt:thrifted: $.99
Jeggins: dots:$7
Loafers:thrifted $2.50
Belt:thrifted $.99
necklace: oldnavy $3

-Stay Fashionable <3


Leah the broke fatshionista said...

thank you :D

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

def updates the old velvet top thxs for visiting the blog.

The Notorious ZAG said...

You look great, that top is marvelous! The color and texture and the fact that you have belted it just gives it that extra huspah.

f.a.s.h. DET said...

Love that velvet top! Really cute!

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