Monday, December 5, 2011

Southern Word and Vandy Present :State of the Word<-what I wore

Hello Fashionista's,

I had the pleasure of attending this years State of the Word. This event was held on the Vanderbilt campus at the Blair School of Music's Ingram Hall Saturday. This was my first event like this, which was full of young spoken word poets from all different backgrounds,spitting some amazing stuff yall.
It was so fun , I really loved it. I was actually there to see my sister perform for the 1st time in a setting and event like this. She did not let any of us here the poem she wrote,but boy was I in shock and awe at the words that came from her mouth. Simply put it was powerful and beautiful. I was very proud to watch her. Shhhhh even though cameras were not allowed yall I was like a stealth solider and had my small point and shoot to film her.

Earlier that day my body con skirts finally came in from forever 21 that I got during the black friday sale and I so love them. I got a red and black one and I had to wear it. I threw on this printed shirt I thrifted a while back with a vest I just got from the thrift store last and week. Luckily I only had to steam the shirt and vest they were sooo wrinkled..... extremely wrinkled lol. (im telling you if you do not have a steamer and you thrift GET ONE !)

finally my yarn braids are done

Vest:Goodwill $.99
Blouse:Goodwill $.99
Skirt: f21:$6.00
Tights: $4.95
Belt: $2.99
Shoes: Thrifted $4.99
necklace: thrifted $1.99

What about you,whats your favorite thing to snatch up when you are shopping or thrifting?.I love this shirt and shirts like it. I always snatch up these printed blouses when I go to the thrift store, I just can't get enough.

-Stay Fashionable


Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Thank you :D
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Malissa Johnson said...

LOVEEEEEE this look!!! You lok fab!!!!!!


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