Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Wish List or Love List

So I am doing blogger secret santa and as a suggestion we can do a wish list,and as I was trying to make one I just decided to show things that I like instead. Idk why but it was a bit hard trying to put together a wish list lol. I see things I want all the time but because im on a budget I like these things then move on. I;m not one to make mental notes of what I like for gifts and etc. I try never to really want to many things because usually i have to wait til its on sale or I only buy what thrifted. If I buy something new its usually shoes or leggings and sometimes jeans. Hopefully this helps who gets me. I super excited about doing blogger secret santa. They few times I have done secret santa people could not keep it a secret,boooo.
Tell me what things can you never get enough of or what are you so in love with right now with fashion?
Have a great fashionable weekend, I am still getting my hair done so blah!

-Stay fashionable
things i like and love

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