Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blaze of Dayz: Day 4

Hello Fashionista's

Here we are and it is basically the end of the week. I started my 1st day of class and know for sure I made the most awesome decision to get my masters. My Landscape design class has a brand new studio built just for us. Our class is tiny about 4 students, we have all of this cool technology and we get to use ipads *yaay*. I cannot wait to share some of my designs with you all. I thought that was so cool. Of course I have been doing dayz of Blaze with my sister Fashionably Young all week and did not fall short today despite it was freezing,raining,and gloomy.

Blazer:Thrifted $.99
Crop Shirt: Bongo-Kmart $8.99
Broom Skirt:Avenue $12.99
Shoes:Deena & Ozzy Chunky Booties-Urban Outfitters $15

I basically put this outfit together earlier this week. I did not want to be going through clothes in the morning and run behind for class. I got this broom skirt from the avenue last weekend when they were having their huge 60-70% off sale on the entire store. The skirt was $12.

 I returned a dress I got from kmart (it was cute when I bought it but I wore it and really hated it sometimes that happens). In replace of the dress I got this see threw crop top for $8.99. I knew it would be the perfect match together. 

For the Dayz of Blaze segment this week the goal was to wear a blazer that we have not worn before,but I thought my fav mustard blazer would be perfect to do some color blocking with and I think it went perfect.

I hope you have been enjoying our special week long celebration/segment of Blazers. Be sure to check out my sister (Fashionably Young) Day 4 Post, she glamed it up today.

Happy Friday to all my lovely readers <3
-Stay Fashionable


Style4Curves said...


Leah the broke fatshionista said...


kiwi.blogger said...

I love this blazer, very cute colour & it looks great on you
And I'm loving crop tops at the moment :)
Kiwi ..x

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

this is def one of my fav go to blazers. Crop tops are so fun this is my first one and im def going back for the black.

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