Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dayz of Blaze:Day 3

Hello Fashionista's Happy Hump Day,

What a Wed it was for me. We are continuing this week with the Dayz of Blaze Feature. My sister helped me pick out this outfit. The goal of Dayz of Blaze are to wear blazers we have yet to wear.
I scored the blazer I wore today from a yard sale in the fall. I love the bold colors and the patterns. Its almost like a chain gang shirt but a blazer,and my love for blazers goes deep yall.

The dress is from  Kmart's LYS line,one that I scored for $1.99 during their summer clearance sale.  I socred a lot more items that I have not wore yet but with school starting i'm sure they will get plenty.

Blazer:Yard Sale $2
Tunic:Kmart LYS: $1.99
Tights:Simply Fashion $4.99
Chunky Boots:Urban Outfitters $15
Necklace:Local Flea Market $1.25

I got them in all three colors,magenta,cobalt blue,and army green. I paired them with the chunky boots scored recently from urban outfitters for $15.  I so love these shoes.

 I actually went thrifting in this outfit,did a last min run to campus,and suprised my sister and brought her lunch and ate with her and her friends. She was really excited to see me, i knew she would be surprised, but hey thats what big sisters are for.

 Well school starts tomorrow im excited I feel like I'm going to highschool again. How was your hump day? Be sure to check out my sister's(Fashionable Young) Dayz of Blaze:Day 3 Post here.

-Stay Fashionable <3


Stephanie McGrew said...

stumbled on your blog and i just wanted to show some blog luv!

def gotta love blazers!! i know i do!

Missing U122 said...

loove this look and that blazer is so chic and awesome,work it!!!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Ty so much and thxs for visiting <3
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