Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dayz of Blaze:Day 5

<3 Fashionistas

Yess I have been away for a few days. There was a snow day last friday and I started my 3 day weekend early. I actually spent the entire weekend almost taking down my genie locs/yarn braids and then getting them re-done by my lil sister that took a 19hrs between 3 days lol. I love them though and they are a great protective style for my hair since I am transitioning. Anyway once school started back on Tuesday I knew I was going to finish out the Dayz of Blaze it was a fun week trying to do different looks with the blazers.
 Its so funny I wore this to my Landscape design class and I get there in my skinny jeans and booties and he is like hey lets put together the drafting tables for extra credit. So there I was in my heels and very tight skinnys picking up a huge drafting table and screwing in bolts with my partner. Fun class.

blazer:thrifted $.99
purple button down:thrifted $.99
skinny jeans:avenue:$9.98
booties:rack room shoes:$19.99
statement necklace burlingtons:$3.99

I was hoping my sister and I could both finish out the dayz of blaze but its spirit week for her and shes been doing the crazy days lol.

I picked this outfit out thursday not knowing friday would be a no show snow day so I stayed in bed.

This watch I thrifted last week is my fav arm piece to wear. I really love it, You cannot go grown with retro disney!

I am super excited for the new followers and finally reaching 50+ yaaay and over 10,000 blog views. I know its not a lot but I enjoy what I do and showing my fashion point of view and the fact that people want to see it makes me feel amazing.

-Stay Fashionable


Anonymous said...

cute and chic love the color blockin as always

Tavia of Nine to Fly said...

Oh I love the color of that blazer!


Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Thank you girl I love a colored blazer. I think I have only two black ones lol. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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