Saturday, January 7, 2012

Plus News:H&M re-branding Plus size Line

Hello Fashionista's

 I was so excited when I say this news alert in my email. I always love and envy H&M. I have never got to purchase anything (I wish a store would come to Nashville so I could try stuff own) either way I love looking at their clothes online especially once they finally allowed online purchases.

I was happy to see this. Yes we have some faithful retailer for plus size fashionista's, but I feel like with my style which is a mix of street/classic/and a lil trendy, there is little to no places,Forever 21, ASOS,and etc. I would love clothing companies that offer more street fashion to go up in size lawl. When I go to urban outfitters with my sister I sit there and wonder how hard it would be to offer xxl xxxl in some items. Share some of that straight love with me plus, a girl can dream I guess.

H&M has previously released some dressing last year under the line  Big is Beautiful line ,but decided to re-brand the line and are now calling it H&M+, to convey to their customers, this line will be all about their well known style and fashion but bigger sizes.They are initially offering essentials in UK sizes 18-28 and will include blazers,jeans,sweaters,and more items will be incorporated int he line later own.

 I love they decided to re-brand it and just keep it H&M and bigger sizes. To many times we get this plus size lines from stores that are basically half ass. The designs are ugly,frumpy,and cater to I don't know who. Then 3 months later they are trashing it saying no sales. What do they expect when they don't give us the fashion we crave for just like straight sizes. Stores are replaceable. I cannot wait to see what more is to come from the line. They are ensuring their customers they should see similar items that are offered in straight sizes for the re-branded plus size line.

I hope with more stores slowly trying to at least consider offering bigger sizes with their regular stores, that more street style stores follow, like nasty gal,top shop, and zara just to name a few. I go on these websites daily wishing I could order the cuteness I see. If we keep demanding with our dollars and email, the industry will have to listen.

I selected a few pieces from their UK website that I was def feeling.

Are you looking forward tot he rebranded collection.Will you be shopping H&M+? Which pieces are you feeling? Check out their UK website to see some of the few pieces already online.


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