Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrifting Thursdays:Mini Haul

Hello Fashionista's

Its time for Thrifty Thursday's and the second to last day of my official spring break D:. I didn't have a ton of finds but every week is different. I had some good finds a lot more for myself than anyone else. This week my brother who is in town also on spring break came with me and he found some items too.
Check out the vlog for all the items from this week's mini haul (I told ya I was gonna have more videos :D)

This weeks thrifting Thursday favorite finds are here:

this dress has a lining and i trimmed the lining so it will be see through on my legs i love it

love the print on the skirt,it reminded me  of some pants i saw on topshop [goodwill find]

i love this vintage leather jacket, it was a steal at .99 and will look so awesome with lots of outfits. Its not for me but my sister
chain gang and zebra pants, i thought this looked so topshop (again) they were cool,
another find for my sister

The haul was slim but i did love this weeks finds. Our goodwill's here in town have a mass 50% off sale the first weekend of the month every month, usually the week right after the stores have some slim pickings.Which may explain my lack of finds I have learned my lesson of going to the 1st Sat sale, it can get crazy,its super packed,no baskets,and super long lines. I may have to go and do a video to show you guys the madness :D #goodwilldiaries lol.

Let me know your fav item from this weeks haul.

Enjoy the haul and stay fashionable


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