Saturday, October 27, 2012

An apple a sunday

Hiiyooo Fashion Followers,

I bring to you a fully thrifted outfit (minus shoes). I love when I can put a fully thrifted outfit together and of course you can never tell the difference.

I so love a good blazer...wool or cotton...lined or not lined and the brighter the color the better . I picked this vibrant red blazer up a few weeks ago for just .99 cent my fav price to pay at the local Goodwill here.
This skirt has been in my dresser for some time, guess I have looked over it for a while now,but finally it saw the day of light last Sunday.

my aunt in the background being silly lol
 Pictued Above:
Red Blazer: Thifted $.99
Tank: Thrifted $.99
Skirt:Thrifted $.99
Shoes: Shoe Show $14.99
Necklace : F21 $3.50
Purse:Thrifted $2.99

I love oversized earrings and got these faux leather cross ones pictured from the African Street Festival here. Super cute and stylish.

My beaus outfit is also fully thrifted. I love being able to pick him up things too when I see them. We are a thrifting couple lol.

Pictured on Left: Ryan
Blue Blazer: Thrifted $.99
Khaki Pants: Thrifted  $.99
Yellow Dress Shirt Thrifted $.99
Sperrys: Thrifted $6.99

These Jeffery Campbell look-a-likes were bought for $14 on clearance from a store called Shoe Show down here. A bargin of a deal if you ask me and they are so sturdy,cute,and comfy.

Don't you just love a fully thrifted outfit.... I def do.

Stay Fashionable,


Stay Updated with Broke Fatshion


A dress is for life said...

Love both your outfits and I love how your aunt photo bombing your pictures xx

Mísha É said...

I love the red blazer over the yellow top. The color coordination work really nicely in this look. Looking fabulous!!!

Demetria Mosley said...

the shoes make the outfit! i loveeeee love loveee the picture of you and your boo thang

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Thank you so much. I love when a thrown together outfit turns out fab...and this is exactly what this was lol.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

I loove the shoes they def uped the fabness of this outfit. Thanks for the love.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

I luv pics with the boo he supports me and is oh so fly lol.

essie said...

wow you and your man look so classy and fierce! i can't believe his outfit is all thrifted - you really know how to put items together!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Aww thank you. When I first introduced him to thrifting he was so surprised at the things I could find. I luv thrifting for him he is open to wear anything and loves everything I bring him. Makes everything so much easier.

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