Thursday, March 29, 2012

SHOPLIGHT: Forever 21+ Opry Mills Sooo Excited

Hello Fashionsta's

Ok so I know all of you are well aware of Forever 21's plus line. I love to check them out daily to see what new. Well our beloved Opry Mills mall finally opened two years after the great Nashville Flood...


opry mills mall after flood
Yes Nashville had a major flood that destroyed a lot of businesses,neighborhoods,and etc one of those places being Opry Mills. Well Finally its back open and I was super excited when I saw they started remodeling it months and months ago. The forever 21 was moderately sized before but lacked something.I saw where f21  said they would be expanding once the mall opened back up,which had me wondering how much of an expansion would it be.

To my surprised its a HUGE!!!! A big split level store and guess what they now have.... a Forever 21+. I was with my cousin and was so excited to see it. So excited to see these clothes in person that I once would look at online. Being able to try on stuff is so amazing. Not having a Forever 21+ in TN really saddened my heart.
I seriously check the online store multiple times through the week as I do my other fav places,but I am always hesitant to buy without trying stuff on.
I know for sure I will be stopping by here from time to time. This is the perfect place to get key trendy pieces that I may be hard for me to find to my liking from thrifting. Here is what I bought today. I was happy to get this sheer leopard print skirt because I could not find it online. Yall know F21 is notorious for having models wear outfits on ads and then not having the item online, so weird. Anyway saw the skirt on one of their banners but it wasn't for sale,but now I have it.

wish i had better pictures for you guys but it  was super cute on

had to get a pic right near the sign i was so excited
P.S. Thrifted Thursday VLOG will be posted sometimes tonight I have been out all day shopping shopping lol.

Stay Fashionable and for any Nashville Followers 
the revamped and remodeled  Opry Mills Mall did not disappoint!!! Run there Now lol



Ash Pash Bash Cash said...

lucky !! both the forever21 near me have very shabby plus size sections, it really sucks!! i love that skirt!!

Plussizegirlbudgetworld said...

wish I had a f21+ in my city

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Awhh that suck :( hopefully the one here will stay as amazing as it was my 1st time visiting the store....the skirt is sooo gorgeous I have been wanting one like it for a long time. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

In store shopping in my opinion always wil be better than online. I need to try things on...I looove it. Now that we have f21+...I want a torrid here. I'm going to email torrid to see if they are considering coming here, never hurts to hear from their potential customers.Give it a try. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Katrina said...

First time visiting your blog, and I found it by searching to see if Opry Mills' expanded F21 had F21+. I'm so excited and thankful that you did this post! I live in Cookeville and have always hated how none of the F21's in Nashville had the plus line, but now there's one approximately an hour away! So very excited!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Yaay glad you found my blog and found your answer. Yes I was so excited I had to go there the 1st day it opened just to find out and I love the f21+ section and their last chance sales. The rest of the mall looks great btw. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Ms Frugal18 said...

OMG I found your blog by googling Plus size thrifting! And to my surprise you are from Madison and that forever 21 has added+. I am from Nashville and have recently started doing a lot of thrift store shopping.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Yaaay you found me.... yes I am from madison hehe. I luv when locals find my blog. Thrift shopping is where its at! Once you start you cannot stop. I have been looking to venture out a lil past nashville to some other thrift stores to see their goodies,and oh yes I was very happy when I saw the plus size section at forever 21 looove it,and I love how pig the store is and all the affordable accessories,shoes,and clothes just what we needed in town lol.

Norlin Steib Garner said...

Thank you!!!! Live in Hermitage TN and had no idea about this!!! so tired of looking online.... f21+ here I come!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Awesome glad my post was able to help you. They have since expanded the section its much bigger than it was when they first opened. I love trying on things that I see on the web. So glad we have one.

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