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Thrifty Thursdays Thrift Tips:#1 item you should own if you are regular thrift,yard sale, flea market,or craigslist shopper

Back with another thrifting tip I have been wanting to share for sometime now,I consider myself a professional thrift shopper at this point. I don't know how I should feel about that self-made accomplishment, I probably have a thrift shopping problem, but that's for another post. When it comes to racing down the goodwill lanes, I never usually walk away with a basket full of just clothing. Most recently I consistently buy at least 1 or 2 toys. My son is super curious and very adventurous when it comes to a new toy, so 1.99 and 99 cent is always a good buy for out-grow able toys (is that even a word???).

I also have managed to furnish 85-95% of my home via thrifting,yard sales, flea markets,and most certainly craigslist and I am not a person that minds good high quality used items. I am not fickle about something being used, there are people who are, but for everyone else that loves a good deal and does not mind used... I will let you in on a little secret...

Well its not really a secret but it is my trick to cleaning 50% of the non-throw in the washing machine items I buy. Have you recently had a good craigslist score??? Or maybe that snazy chair from a thrift store just added a lot of jazz to your living room?? How did you clean them??

Wait for it...
Wait for it...

The secret to cleaning and sanitizing used stuff is a steamer!!

from Amazon

Steam is a .NATURAL way to clean items. Having a baby who now crawls,its always important I use natural cleaning products that will not harm him or effect our environment inside the house, with nasty smells and chemicals. Its pretty great at getting smells out too. I sometimes buy used toys and clean them with steam and in the sink if they fit.

Things to look for when buying a steamer

  • An effective steam cleaner is only as good as its heat. The higher the the steamer gets the better.
  • reservoir tank size. This will determine how long you can steam something and how frequently you have to refill.
  • Pressurized steamer
  • Reaches High temperatures between 250–273 °F
  • Reservoir Tank size (determines how quickly you have to refill)

Steps I use when Steam Cleaning

  • Spray Fabric or Surface with Natural Bacteria Killing Cleaner (Let Sit for up to 5 mins) (Vinegar/Lemon Juice,and Baking Soda Works great)
  • Prepare Steamer
  • Slowly take steamer over product multiple times

There are some disputes as to to how effective steam cleaning can be, depending on length of time and heat of steam. There are positives on steams ability to disinfect. You be the judge. I have used steam cleaning for a while now and I chose to do that. I think it is more effective than not cleaning a used item at all. Especially one that cannot be washed effectively.If you do not own a steamer and you shop used at least 50% of your normal shopping.consider doing more research an possibly investing in one. This solely is my opinion as a used shopper.

Do you own a steam cleaner,what do you use it for?

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