Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting Thrifty

So I been searching thru many of blogs and i had been wanting to rock the blazer look for a while but not a big fan of the over shoulder shoulder pads lol. Went to the thrift store today after checking out an awesome video which i will link back to next post that gave me awesome tips. I lucked out and picked up 2 yellow tag items which ended up being just 99 cents how awesome. Im gonna put all of these in the 1.50 dry cleaners and start building my LA wardrobe for the TN girl lool. Right now im curvy and im sick of not being able to find stuff to wear so my journey begins im teaching myself fashion and style size doesn't MATTER!!! Def going in photoshop to design a nice banner and logo for Dimples n Smiles XD

Yea i know the pic is terrible but its 12:57 am and im sleepy and there was no where to rlly hang it but do believe they are super cute and wont smelly like cigarettes after the cleaners lol

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