Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shoplight:Goodwill & Forever21

So i finally put in a order for Forever 21 and it came a few days later. I was scared about the sizing I read that it was a bit on the smaller side but what I ordered fit perfectly fine and I am already wanting to put in a second order, but I have to slow down considering I have a tiny pt job for now. I long for the day when I can buy from asos and city chic and such but for now Forever 21 will work. I also went to Goodwill today, my goal is to hitup all the thrift stores around town. Its my new obsession and I so love it. I hand a basket full of stuff but after trying on everything i ended up with a jersey knit skirt which i am envisioning wearing with a crisp white shirt and a knit cardigan I picked up on-sale from target, so we will see. Is it just me when they have a color tag on sale for the day you always find clothes that are in all the other different colors it kills me lool anyway will be posting up a pick of the skirt.

I know the trends are crop top maix dresses and skirts and such but i will be doing me. I am in luv with the maxi skirts and dresses so def will be adding another to my closet and more leggings and oversized stuffies cant get enough of comfort clothing lol

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