Sunday, April 10, 2011

LOTD: Thrift crazy w/my lil sister

So my sister after finding out my skirt today was from a thirft store begged to go to one, soooo i caved in. We went to music city thrift,down the street from our home. I luv this place sometimes they have some hidden tresures. I told her to open her mind and let me pull out some stuff for her. Well turns out she loved what  i picked out and even picked out some cute stuff too. These overalls 3.98 with 30% off white tags today everything we got was either 50% off or 30%. The short crop shirt under was 50 cents and cute and bound to keep her cool. I found this purple 80s belt and it fit perfectly with these overalls.
 You cant tell it really but these overalls are kind of white wash and have a almost tye dye look on half of it really nice mistake or finish lool. Top it off with chucks and junk earrings she was comfy and cute and ready for school.

I was able to snag these two items one 50% off and the other 30% cant wait to use them both

me about to load up these pics onto the tired

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