Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review:Broadway Nail Dress Wraps

Ok i fell in love with minx and no one does it here in nashville that I know of and i refuse to pay 40.00 for it if they did. I love doing things to my nails usually i would rock metallics or neon colors. I fell in love with the crazy patterns that would take forever to try to replicate if you did it buy hand,that you can get from minx. At Walgreens I found what I thought was an alternative and just 5.49.

They are Broadway Nail dress stick on wraps. They come with a file. You pick the sizes that fit your nails ,each one, then file off the excess, pretty simple. Theres a tip on the back that says to apply a topcoat for longer wear. I invest in my nail polishes and use sally hansen complete care top coat its very strong and last a long time. Once I got each one on my nails and filed off i applied the top coat, this is a trick my mom taught me.... when you apply the top coat go down the nail then polish right across the top of the nail. I read a few reviews stating they started peeling within the same day or the next day. The top coat is the trick. I also filed a few right at the edge of my nail to ensure no snags. It might not look as good but it worked for me.

Well I will tell you I think my little trick works because those babys lasted for 2 1/2 wks then they finally started to look old and I pulled them off myself. I take my time when applying and do not rush the process even though it is suppose to be quick. I am going to try them on my toes I love them and have worn them about 4 times so far. Use the top coat tip and they will last at least a week. I did my usual stuff and they were fine that top coat is really what protected them .

5.49 is worth it in my opinion i luved them and they have lots of designs that are super cute to rock.

Look for them in  Walgreens, not sure if they are anywhere else. I have yet to find them in Walmart.

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