Thursday, April 7, 2011

Right on Target

Ive been in a shopping mode recently and its prob because I finally got some initiative to get back to my fashionable self. I have vowed to not spend another dollar on clothing to I lost the weight I had gained. I have ultimately come to terms and want to look beautiful and feel that way when I walk out rather than feeling like im hiding behind sweats or something, plus I only had a few options when my friend wanted to go out.

Anyway I hit up Target' lol today.

I have been hitting up the thrifts stores, I was looking for a crisp white shirt to get and when I'm at target or anyway I always hit up clearance 1st because um...yeah I like a deal who doesn't.( Side Note: Spring time is the perfect time to get stuff for winter I have been doing this for years usually last seasons stuff will be on sale and its ok to get those things it will be winter again lol.) They had some sweet leather like jackets they had reduced from 40.00 to 19.99. I tried one on and liked it, it would be great for now since it gets back cool at night, but opted not to get it yet. I know target by the wkend it could be a little bit cheaper. I know what you are thinking 20.00 is good but I'm on a buuuuudget lool I get what i came for and if its so awesome my mind will explode without it then I get it.

Anyway found xxl white shirt that was super soft and thick and in the tiny plus size section they had these boyfriend tees I got a 2 in that and tired them both on. I took pics to show ya the difference of the xxl and the 2 which is like a 2x made for plus size.

As you see in the picture the xxl is shorter and stops right at the belly which i hate. I like longer tees the #2 is from the plus size line. I just wanted to show the difference sometimes the reg womens clothing that goes to xxl can work for you and sometimes it cant but it never hurts to try it. I of course went with #2 lol. I threw in myself for brownie points hahaha.

The shirt was $10 which in my book is a good deal for a crisp long white good quality shirt.
Picked up these shoes i luv em what to do u think  
I also picked up some booties I could not live without. I love solid heels that have very stable bottoms i feel alot better walking in them when the bottoms are sturdy and almost wood like i know picky picky and maybe even weird but um yeah thats another post. Those peep toe booties are a good price and a very sturdy shoe.
Peep Toe Booties @ Target


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