Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shoplight: JcPenny's

So until my mother passed away Dec 2009, I was never really a department store shopper. I felt dept stores did not know what kind of clothing young fat women like myself liked. All their clothing was overpriced and ugly and hey im not lying but it mainly was until recently. I started shopping at JcPennys they are in my opinion a lower end dept store,cheaper than macys,dillards, and better stuff than sears (i loath sears but anyway). I would go and buy clothes for my siblings for school and stuff, finally one day i went over to the plus size section. Its not huge, but its a decent size these days you will be lucky to get a  corner plus size section in a brick and mortar store if they even have it. They have a line called a.n.a and the stuff is for like young professionals but still kind of trend and i like it. Those clothes worked great for me when I had an office job and penny's runs so many sales that usually when you go the stuff will be some type of percent off, so def check it out. I have picked up some tunic button downs that i love and wore to the mall today and some nice denim capris and today ohhhh yes....TODAY I scored this fab peep toe lace up sling back wedges.... seem to be reminiscent of something Jeffrey Campbell could make with a higher wedge perhaps, im sure they are from a high price designer shoe not sure which one though anyway got the shoes for...................34.00 reg 60.00. I have been looking at these since I got this wks circular for the store and when I saw they were going to be on sale this wkend I could not wait.

Check them out and a bad pic my lil brother took of me on my way to scoop these hunnies up lol
super cute and yes my snapple that was so yummy

ok look rather bland but im headed to the mall never wore this shirt i luv the length got it from pennys and threw on some leggins

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