Thursday, November 3, 2011

Backlogged with an open Door

So Fashionista's I have a terrible habit of taking pictures and taking forever to upload them. I check my folder where I usually import my photos two and it was atleast 5 outfits I never even uploaded smh. See this is what happens yall...I get excited about what I have on, take the pictures or get my brother/sister to take them load them on the computer and move on. Some thing will instantly take over my concentration instead of going ahead and hitting lightroom or photoshop i check my email,reply back to a fb message,or just do something else random lawl. So i decided to post a few of the different looks that I felt weren't worthy enough for their own post anways. You know they are those I ran to the store and threw this on look, or whatever nothing spectacular, but guess what yall.....(before the surprise,the back story)

                                                            the cat was all over my camera stuff,shirt and shoes thrifted

inspired by joey from blossom inspired for errands, full outfit thrifted except boyfriend tee from target

love this chunky cardigan sweater it has fruit on it yessss, i luv bananas!! 99cent thrift find

Ok so I have been out of school for a little over a year. I graduated August 2010 with a construction management degree (yes I did, i love everything about construction and green,sustainable design yes oh yes). I told my mom as I got closer to graduation my plans for the future. I wanted to get my masters in something,as soon as I graduated or...enroll at the community college into the horticulture landscape design certificate program,then get my masters. Well I had no idea my mom would pass away before I graduated at 38. I had no idea I would feel like crap so long after she passed, feel so lost. I was a person who has from a very young age had all kind of ideas and things flowing threw my head, I used to write poems,stories,plays that I even go to have some of my work performed at my church. I was the person who would have a notebook filled with things I knew I wanted to do in my life, from fashion sketches,restaurant, architectural drawings, vignettes,song lyrics...everything that was going through my head, and I grew up and became I guess more practical or whatever,who knows I might have just suppressed all those ideas and dreams,but for whatever reasons, as I went through college and faced certain struggles, I kind of slowly lost a little bit of myself from each thing I faced, and when my mother past it just seemed like I had no more really of me left and I was so confused as to what to do with my life. Even though I had a plan that I was to execute after graduation, I had no idea the things that would happen and serve as barriers for those goals.For a while I was a depressed wreck,I have slowly picked up the pieces of me that I left laying around. This blog has helped me so much to speed up that process and with me missing my mother. Fashion has been a great outlet,the comments you all leave really fuel me too. (sorry if I got to personal but I am typing and not even reading right now my hands are just moving.)

Here recently I felt like I had some decisions to make about my future. I have been job hunting and etc looking into degree programs,trying to figure out what it is I wanted to do. I was told to make a phone call to my aunt,it was about something completely different,but we were talking a bit. I found out she was in school and etc and she was jokingly telling me I should go to grad school and I told her the reasons that were stopping me...and just know by the end of the conversation my application getting finished , my transcripts were getting requested from my previous undergrad school,and I was sitting at the computer filling out my fasfa for school in the spring. It had to be God coming through for me and I know my Mother will be proud of me finally make steps to accomplishing my goals,and the funny thing is that its exactly what I wanted to do but never knew there was a masters program for it. So at this point it is very plausible that I will be back in school for the upcoming spring semester if everything goes through fine. I am excited and cannot wait to rock the classroom with the fashion's loool.

my me and my momma in the top and left pic between 87'-89; my bro and mom to the right 93'...i miss her

Sorry for the long post but Leah had to spill the good news :D, thxs for reading luv yall!!!



Fashberries said...

Love the print of the top

Olivia (waituntilthesunset) said...

oohh! rad yellow slips in the first pic and the tribal print on the last photo- gorgeous! :)

Malissajm said...

Tribal sweater is dope! Check me out here

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

thxs :D glad you visited,will check you out.

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

thank you :D and thxs for stopping by my blog

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