Sunday, November 6, 2011

Purple Dixieland

Hey fashionista's ,

How was your weekend? Yall I feel a bit bad I told you all I had been on a thrift ban for a week. I broke my ban and extended it for another week. So here comes my sister on Saturday asking to go to Goodwill for their 1st Sat of the month Sale. In case you did not know at least here in TN every first Saturday of the month Goodwill has a store wide 50% off sale.
I told her noo I was on a thrift ban plus I didn't have the extra money to go on a major haul. So my sister got money from my dad for me and her yall,she handing my $29 and said lets go. I agreed, yall I couldn't resist. I sort of rationalized it by saying it wasn't my money so I technically did not break my band,I don't know...I will just stick to that thought lol. I racked up yall basket full. On 1st Saturday of the month it is always super packed no baskets, you have to wait for one long dressing room lines but its always so much fun especially when you are with someone. I was in the dressing room for 15 mins trying on all the things i had put in my basket. That was the highlight of my weekend.I do not know why it is so hard to stay out the thrift stores, you find so many unique items I just can't pass up the opportunity to hunt and search...I am def a thrift addict lool.

Sunday came and I put together this outfit that I ending up loving. I really love when you just kind of throw pieces together and you look in the mirror and go..."this looks good".  My boots were the perfect last touch to this simple look. How do I look, let me know and spill your weekend details...I wanna hear!

Purple Blouse-Thrifted-$.99
Midi Skirt-Thrifted-.$99
Boots(wide calf)-Simply Fashion-$20
Betsey Johnson Bag-gift

i used to be uncomfy with having my arms out,this is something I have gotten over <3

-stay fashionable 


Leah the broke fatshionista said...

I love that cardigan the beads on it are my fave.Lol ok you got me beat,but I def understand,whenever I go out of town if I have time I hit up a thrift store if I can. Its a healthy addiction I think lool. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Frugal Big Girl said...

Love this outfit! Love the shoulder detail on the cardigan! If I were you, I would never be able to stop thrifting! Your stores have such great deal, I'm bout to drive where you at just to go thrifting. <---That's what is called an addiction =P

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

yes I'm so very addicted lol the hunt...the finds...everything thrifting! Now I feel better about the ban. I decided to go ahead and lift it lol I deprived myself enough lol. Thanks, these boots are so comfy i love them,thx for visiting <3

Tee Mac said...

Thrifting can definitely be addictive. You definitely find the most unique things. I will co-sign for you on that because you didn't spend your money you didn't break your The boots does add a lil something chic to that fit...You look great!

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