Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tribe Eyes of my eyes

Hey there fashionista's

So I'm totally trying to get back in the swing of things. I know I haven't been posting as frequent as I usually do or maybe it just seems that way to me. The holidays really have my time spaced out between stuff to do.
I'm trying to shop and also get ready for school in Jan. I'm hoping once they pass I'll def be back on my bloggin p's and q's lol. Anyway I have an outfit from Sunday that I loved yall. This dress was another .99 cent gem find. Its funny because I have seen a blogger or two with this dress. Its so odd and funny to find something thrifted and later see someone else with it or even see it in another thrift store. Has that ever happened to you?

Dress: Goodwill .99cent
Denim Vest: Music City Thrift $.99cent
Shoes:music city thrift: $4.99
belt: thriftsmart: .99cent
Accessories under $5
bag:thrifted $1.39

I have a little bit more shopping to do and I will be done with presents and wrapping and I will be so glad yall. All that wrapping can be so tiring I tell ya. I am happy for one thing though staying in my budget for Christmas gifts yaaay!! How's your gift hunts coming along? Remember don't shop smart *smiles*.

My sis was wanting a few pics snapped, I helped her a bit with this outfit its actually a full knit dress
my lil sis she is def a budding fashionista taught by me lool,built in thrifting buddy too.

-Stay Fashionable


mslitta said...

That dress looks like something mg mom has in her closet. I love it. It's so reminiscent of my childhood, when life was easy. I digress... You and your SIS look good.

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