Friday, January 20, 2012

Thrifting Thursdays/Fri Cont: Pt 3

Ok so yes Fashionista's I was very tired yesterday and couldn't finish my thrift haul post but here it is now!!!!

Luckily lab did not last but an hour and I jetted out of class only to realize I had a ton of things to do this afternoon/evening which involved ripping and running across town. Now I'm finally home with a little time to spare before I have to head back out to pick up my lil brother and sister and on and on..... This is this weeks goodwill thrift finds, these were prob my fav this week. Check out the haul!!!

I donated 4 bags of clothes to goodwill after this haul. Yes it was time for some closet cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new goodies!!!

sweater for my brother he thought it was swagged

I continued my hunt for basics for my sister and I. I recently have fell in love with long maxi skirts. I have always loved them but recently I have been snatching them up left and right. I snagged this red one for my sister.

I got all of these pieces for .99 cent each

vest for my sister and another skirt for me

Yes I know everyone might not appreciate the chain gang sports jacket but I love this and cannot wait to
 wear it 

Gold Pencil skirt. It would not fit on my mannequin but its for my sister she loves pencil skirts and the buttons on the slit make this skirt stand out a bit more.

I love this slinky skirt and wore it today to class

I liked the bottoms of these pants and tired them on and they fit like leggins so I def got them

Yes shoes I got these both for 2.50. I'm not sure what it is about retro/vintage shoes that I love. I don't 
know how many people share this appreciation with me,but when I find some in my size I snag them.

Totals without discount $64.29 
Total with discounts $12.87

Nice haul whats your fav item from this weeks thrift hauls
check out pt. I and pt. II 

-Stay Fashionable


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