Monday, March 12, 2012

Too early to swim?

As we get ready for a spring this month, my mind is drifting off to summer already. I was thinking about how I have not purchased a new swimsuit in 4 years. Yall its been way...WAY past time. I do not nearly swim as much as I did when I was younger,but this year I have decided to change that and I want a hot swimsuit. I hit Monif C for some inspiration for the upcoming swimsuit season.

I know that I would love a retro inspired swimsuit. I figure its better to get a swimsuit way early before the cute ones are going or get one at the end of the season (massive savings). For now I leave you with some of my favorite picks from Monif C's 2012 Resort Collection. This week I am hoping to find some contendors for my swimsuit and get my lovely followers help in choosing.

Even thought Monif C is way out of my budget (a girl can dream) I do love looking at her latest collections, she never disappoints. Check out my fav picks. What style swimsuit will you be rocking for the upcoming summer season? What styles are your favorite...vintage/retro...two pieces? Do you rock a cover up? What pieces from the collection are you loving? I think affordability wise Monif C costumes aren't to far out of range a high quality swimsuit (that will support all our curves properly)can run you $45-$85. I've seen higher priced non-designer swimsuits, so I'm preparing to save up my money to get me one of these possibly,but we shall need what I find...I'll be sure to let yall know.

-Stay Fashionable


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