Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tahiti Turquoise Dreams

Its so official now summer is here and the HEAT is on. I have so been trying to spend as much time as possible when its daylight in some a/c and out the the beaming sun and 90 degree and above weather.
My 12 transformation plan has been amazing and I cannot wait to share pictures and here is today's outfit.
 This is a thin blazer I picked up thrifting a while back. I really like to find the cool cotton as well as lined blazers. The cotton ones are perfect for spring and summer. No one wants to actually throw on a blazer to then get hot at least I know I don't.
Blazer:Thrifted $.99
Pencil Body Con:Target $15
Flats: thrifted $1.50
Shirt:Target Boyfriend Tee $10

I picked this pencil body con skirt up from target on sale for $15 it was very cute and I loved the length. I personally do not wear many short skirts but I do own 2 body cons.

 I love how they fit all shapes. I feel like the solid color body con is a must have you need at least 1 in your closet.

 No fancy trendy stripes, Aztec symbols,but just a simple solid color will go along way and will be a lot more versatile. Body Con Skirts...Yay or Nay?

Stay Fashionable <3 Leah

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Mele2541 said...

your finds are always so amazing! You look great....jelly about the's currently freezing here in Australia at the moment :(

xo Mele from Australia

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Thanks girl omg freezing over there wow I def wouldn't trade but maybe by July when it really heats up I will be begging to trade places Lool
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Tee Mac said...

Loving that blazer...the print is awesome!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Thanks I always get excited when I find a really cute blazer while thrift.I always anticipate wearing it for the first time
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Liynn_b said...

luv the print on the blazer and the turquoise skirt Girl u r wearing it very well !!

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